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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and test your skills in the world of Skyrim? Look no further than the “A Chance Arrangement” quest, a popular and exciting part of the Dark Brotherhood storyline.

In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to successfully complete the quest and reap its rewards. We’ll cover the context and background of the quest, provide a step-by-step walkthrough, and offer tips and strategies to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

So don’t hesitate. Join us on this journey to master the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim and discover the excitement it has to offer.

Understanding the A Chance Arrangement Quest

The “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim is a pivotal mission in the Dark Brotherhood storyline, which is one of the most popular quest lines in the game. This mission is given by Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, and requires the player to carry out a heist on a museum in the city of Riften.

The main objective of the quest is to steal a valuable statue called the “The Golden Urn of Sacred Ashes” from the museum. However, the quest involves several sub-objectives that must be completed to achieve the primary goal, including meeting with the quest giver in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, recruiting a partner, and gathering information about the museum’s security.

Players must also navigate the complex politics of the Dark Brotherhood, which involves making difficult choices that can affect the outcome of the mission and the player’s relationship with other members of the organization. These elements make the “A Chance Arrangement” quest a challenging and engaging part of the game’s storyline.

A Chance Arrangement Skyrim Walkthrough

To start the quest, players must approach Brynjolf, one of the leaders of the Thieves Guild, at the Riften Marketplace. He will offer a proposal to plant a stolen ring on a rich merchant named Madesi, framing him for the theft. The quest involves several stages which are:

  1. Talk to Brynjolf
  2. Steal Madesi’s Ring
  3. Plant Madesi’s Ring
  4. Speak to Brynjolf
  5. Speak to Maven Black-Briar
  6. Find Vald’s Debt Note
  7. Burn Vald’s Debt Note
  8. Speak to Maven Black-Briar
  9. Speak to Brynjolf
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Once the player agrees to Brynjolf’s proposal, the first step is to steal Madesi’s ring from his stand, without being detected. This requires some skill in pickpocketing, or alternatively, the player can simply wait for Madesi to retire and sneak into his shop at night to take the ring.

Once the ring is obtained, the player must plant it on Brand-Shei, a fellow merchant, and frame him for the theft. This can be done by reverse pickpocketing the ring onto Brand-Shei, or by placing it in his pocket while he is distracted.

After successfully framing Brand-Shei, the player must speak to Brynjolf again, who will direct them to speak to Maven Black-Briar, a powerful figure in Riften. She will ask the player to recover a debt note from Vald, a former member of the Thieves Guild.

The player must track down Vald and retrieve the debt note from his body. Then, they must burn it in a nearby brazier, destroying any evidence of the debt. Once this is done, the player must return to Maven and then Brynjolf to complete the quest.

TIP: If the player is having trouble finding Vald, they can check the nearby Riften Jail.

Completing “A Chance Arrangement” will reward the player with leveled gold and will also begin the initiation quest for the Thieves Guild. The player will be directed to speak to Brynjolf again to continue this questline.

Location of the A Chance Arrangement Quest

The “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim can be initiated in Riften, which is located in the southeastern part of the map. The quest can be triggered by speaking with Brynjolf, who can be found in the marketplace during the day and the Bee and Barb inn at night.

Additionally, players can also stumble upon this quest while exploring the city of Riften, as they may encounter a distressed woman named Maramal who is being robbed. This event leads to an opportunity to either assist or rob Maramal yourself, which can ultimately lead to the “A Chance Arrangement” quest.

Rewards and Benefits of Completing A Chance Arrangement

Completing the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim has several benefits that make the effort worthwhile. Here are the rewards you can expect:

Reward Description
Gold After completing the quest, you will receive a generous payment of 500 gold coins.
Access to Dark Brotherhood Questline Completing “A Chance Arrangement” is the key to joining the Dark Brotherhood and unlocking their questline. This opens up new assassination missions and storylines for you to enjoy.
Access to Shadowmere After completing the Dark Brotherhood questline, you will receive the horse Shadowmere as a reward. This is a unique mount with impressive speed and strength.
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As you can see, the rewards for completing “A Chance Arrangement” can be significant. In addition to the tangible benefits, the quest provides a thrilling storyline and challenging gameplay. It is an excellent adventure to embark on for any Skyrim player looking to advance their skills and progress through the game’s many quests and storylines.

Tips and Strategies for A Chance Arrangement Skyrim

Completing the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim can be challenging. Here are some tips and strategies to help you successfully complete the quest:

  • Gather information: Before you begin the quest, it’s essential to gather information on your targets. Talking to NPCs around Solitude can provide useful insights and help you plan your approach.
  • Be stealthy: This quest involves sneaking into a heavily guarded area, so being stealthy is crucial. Avoid detection by hiding in the shadows, using invisibility potions, or casting spells like Muffle.
  • Use distractions: Using distractions can be an effective strategy to avoid detection. You can use spells like Fury to make guards attack each other or toss a rock to distract them.
  • Watch out for traps: The warehouse is full of traps, including tripwires, pressure plates, and poison darts. Be careful and use detect traps spells or shout to avoid triggering them.
  • Save often: It’s always a good idea to save your progress regularly to avoid losing progress if you die or encounter a bug.

Dealing with Bugs and Glitches

While the “A Chance Arrangement” quest is generally bug-free, here are some common issues that players may face:

Bug Solution
The quest fails to start after speaking to Astrid Try reloading a save before the conversation with Astrid or fast-traveling to another location and returning.
The targets are not in the warehouse Wait for a few hours to see if they appear or reload a previous save. You can also try using the console command ‘moveto player’ to summon the targets to you.

Remember, completing the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim requires patience, strategy, and a good dose of stealth. Use these tips and strategies to ensure your success in this exciting mission.

Frequently Asked Questions about A Chance Arrangement Skyrim

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers related to the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim:

  1. What is the objective of the “A Chance Arrangement” quest?

    The objective of the quest is to help Brynjolf, a member of the Thieves Guild, to steal a valuable item from a business. The player must complete a series of tasks and sub-objectives to successfully complete the quest.

  2. Where can I find Brynjolf to start the “A Chance Arrangement” quest?

    Brynjolf can be found in Riften, in the marketplace known as the Riften Fishery. He will initiate a conversation with the player, leading them to the start of the quest.

  3. What are the rewards for completing the “A Chance Arrangement” quest?

    Completing the quest will result in the player receiving a sum of gold, and it also unlocks further quests as part of the Thieves Guild questline. Additionally, successfully completing the quest without being detected by guards can earn the player a bonus reward.

  4. What are some common bugs or glitches that players may experience during the “A Chance Arrangement” quest?

    There have been reports of NPCs getting stuck in certain parts of the quest, as well as issues with dialogue not triggering correctly. Players have also reported issues with completing certain tasks, such as pickpocketing or sneaking past guards. In these cases, reloading a previous save or using console commands may be necessary to progress.

  5. Can the “A Chance Arrangement” quest be completed multiple times?

    No, the quest can only be completed once.

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Hopefully, these answers have helped to clear up any confusion or concerns about the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim. Happy questing!


In conclusion, mastering the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim is a must-do for any serious gamer. The quest is popular among players due to its connection to the Dark Brotherhood storyline and the exciting gameplay it offers. Through this guide, we have provided you with an understanding of the quest, a step-by-step walkthrough, tips and strategies, and information on the location and rewards.

We encourage you to embark on this quest and experience the thrill of successfully completing it. Remember to keep an eye out for any bugs or glitches that may hinder your progress and utilize the tips and strategies we’ve provided to overcome any obstacles you may face. If you have any questions or concerns, refer to the frequently asked questions section for support.

Thank you for reading this guide on the “A Chance Arrangement” quest in Skyrim. We hope you found it helpful and informative. Don’t stop here, dive into the world of Skyrim and explore the countless other quests and adventures that await you.

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