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Welcome, noble warriors! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing one of the most fascinating aspects of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – family and lineage. By the end of this article, you’ll know all about finding a spouse in Bannerlord, the pregnancy age limit and base chance of pregnancy, and answers to many other burning questions like can your wife get pregnant in the army? So, let’s dive in and forge your dynasty!

Finding a Spouse in Bannerlord

Before you can start your family, you’ll need to find a spouse. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that:

  1. Meet potential spouses: Travel to different towns and visit the Keep or Tavern District. Here, you’ll find many eligible nobles who could become your future spouse.
  2. Engage in conversation: Approach the character and engage in conversation. Look for dialogue options that indicate interest in marriage.
  3. Win their heart: To increase your relationship points, complete quests for the character or their family members. You can also participate in tournaments and dedicate your victories to them.
  4. Propose marriage: Once your relationship reaches a high enough level (usually around 50-75 points), you can propose marriage. If accepted, you’ll need to seek their family’s approval.
  5. Pay the dowry: Negotiate a dowry with the family, and once agreed upon, you’ll be wed!
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Bannerlord: How to Have Kids

In this section, we’ll provide a concise overview of the process of having kids in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Here’s a step-by-step guide to start a family and expand your legacy:

  1. Find a spouse: As discussed earlier, you must first find a suitable spouse by visiting different towns, engaging in conversation, and completing quests to strengthen your relationship with the potential partner.
  2. Get married: Once you’ve found the perfect match, propose marriage and pay the dowry to the family to finalize your union.
  3. Increase the chances of pregnancy: Ensure both you and your spouse are in the same party or settlement to boost the likelihood of pregnancy. Remember, the base chance of pregnancy is 10%, and it can be influenced by factors like age, health, and distance between the couple.
  4. Wait for the announcement: Be patient and wait for the notification informing you of your spouse’s pregnancy. This can take some time, as the chances of pregnancy vary depending on the factors mentioned above.
  5. Welcome the new addition: After approximately one in-game year, you’ll receive a notification that your child has been born. Congratulations, you’ve successfully expanded your family!
  6. Raise your child: As your child grows, they will remain in your family’s care at your settlement until they come of age (18 years old).
  7. Prepare for succession: Train your child to become a capable leader by involving them in battles and other activities. This way, they’ll be ready to take over your clan when the time comes.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a thriving family and leaving a lasting legacy.

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What is the pregnancy age limit in Bannerlord?

In Bannerlord, the age of characters plays a crucial role in various aspects of the game, including fertility. The pregnancy age limit for female characters is 45 years. After this age, characters are no longer able to conceive children.

What is the base chance of pregnancy in Bannerlord?

The base chance of pregnancy in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is 10%. However, this percentage can be affected by various factors, such as:

  • The age of the characters: As mentioned earlier, female characters above the age of 45 cannot conceive.
  • The distance between the couple: If the husband and wife are in the same party or settlement, the chances of pregnancy increase.
  • The health of the characters: Healthy characters have a higher chance of conceiving.

Can my wife get pregnant in the army?

Yes, your wife can indeed get pregnant while she is in your army. As long as both you and your spouse are in the same party or settlement, the chances of conceiving are increased. This is an excellent way to ensure that you can continue to fight alongside your partner while still building your family.

How long does it take to have a child in Bannerlord?

The process of having a child in Bannerlord takes approximately one in-game year. Once your spouse becomes pregnant, you’ll receive a notification. After a year, you’ll receive another notification indicating that your child has been born.

Can you play as your child in Bannerlord?

Yes, you can! In the unfortunate event that your character dies, you have the option to play as your child in Bannerlord. This feature allows you to carry on your family’s legacy and continue your journey in Calradia.

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To play as your child, follow these steps:

  1. Wait for your child to come of age: Your child must be at least 18 years old before they can become a playable character. Until then, they will remain in your family’s care at your settlement.
  2. Choose your heir: If you have multiple children, you will need to choose one as your primary heir. This character will become the leader of your clan and the one you play as after your current character’s demise.
  3. Prepare for succession: Make sure to groom your heir by assigning them as a party member, equipping them with proper gear, and providing them with experience in battles and other activities.
  4. Character death and succession: When your main character dies, you’ll be prompted to choose a successor from your children who are 18 or older. Select your heir, and you will continue playing as them, carrying on your family’s legacy.

By having kids and preparing them for leadership, you can ensure that your influence and power in Bannerlord persist through multiple generations. This is a fantastic way to experience the game’s depth and create a lasting impact on the world of Calradia.

In conclusion, having kids in Bannerlord is not only an enjoyable aspect of the game, but it’s also a crucial strategy for ensuring the survival and success of your clan. By finding a spouse, understanding the pregnancy mechanics, and playing as your child, you can create a lasting legacy that spans generations. Now, go forth and build your family empire in the world of Calradia! Forge alliances, conquer kingdoms, and create a powerful dynasty that will stand the test of time. Remember, the choices you make and the connections you form will have a lasting impact on your family’s future, so choose wisely and lead your clan to glory.

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