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Welcome to the Dark and Darker healing guide. If you’ve just encountered a troublesome skeleton in a dungeon, or narrowly escaped death by another player and are now in desperate need of HP recovery, we’ve got you covered. This guide will explore several ways to regain your HP and get you back on track.

How to heal using consumables

One effective method to heal yourself in the dungeon is using consumables such as healing potions and bandages. This is especially important if you’re a solo player using a non-healer class. To purchase these HP recovery items, head to the lobby and click on the Merchants tab. Here, you can find various healing items sold by the Surgeon and Alchemist.

MerchantItem NameHP RecoveryCost
SurgeonBandage (grey)10 HP5 Gold
SurgeonBandage (white)15 HP15 Gold
AlchemistPotion of Healing (grey)15 HP over 20 seconds6 Gold
AlchemistPotion of Healing (white)19 HP over 20 seconds18 Gold

How to heal using your abilities and skills

Learning to use your character’s healing skills effectively can be a game-changer in the Dark and Darker dungeons. Certain classes have access to unique healing abilities that can be used to heal themselves or their teammates. This guide will provide an overview of all the Dark and Darker healing skills, including Perks, Skills, and Spells. It’s important to note that we’ll only be covering permanent HP recovery skills, and not temporary HP boosts like the Barbarian’s War Cry Skill.

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ClassAbility NameAbility TypeEffect
FighterSecond WindSkillRecovers 50% of HP over 12 seconds.
FighterVictory StrikeSkillThe next attack deals an additional 20% weapon damage. If the target dies from this attack, you recover 5% of your maximum HP.
BarbarianMorale BoostPerkRecovers 12% HP after killing a player.
RangerField RationSkillForage food and recover 25 HP.
ClericKindnessPerkHeal yourself for 15% of the spell’s total healing amount when healing another target.
ClericRequiemPerkResurrecting an ally revives them with 50% HP instead of a sliver of life. When reviving an ally at the Altar of Sacrifice, you do not need to sacrifice any of your own health.
ClericLesser HealSpellHeals a target for 15 health. Casts to self if no target is found.
ClericHoly LightSpellHeals an ally for 30 HP or deals 100 base magical damage to an undead target.
ClericSanctuarySpellConcentrates on a specific area for a certain period of time, healing friendly beings within the area for 7 HP per second and dealing 14 spell damage per second to undead.
ClericResurrectionSpellTarget an ally to resurrect them from the dead (the corpse must have a Soul Heart).
how many people can play dark and darker

How to heal using a campfire

Incorporating a Campfire into your healing strategy can be a real life saver. Not only does resting near a Campfire restore a portion of your health, but it also provides a convenient solution for all your healing needs. To acquire a Campfire, head over to the Woodsman merchant and purchase one for 24 Gold. Once you have it, equip the Campfire in your utility item slot and place it down before taking a seat. Remember that allies can also use the Campfire, so act fast, as it only lasts a short time before vanishing.

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How to heal using a shrine

Nothing beats the restorative powers of a Shrine of Health in the Dark and Darker dungeons. These stone statues depict a lady holding a glowing orb and offer a complete HP recovery for a single player. However, be aware that Shrines of Health have an extensive cooldown and can only be used by one player at a time. If you’re playing with a team, it’s best to prioritize players with lower HP bars. You can find several Shrines of Health on each map, so keep an eye out for them.

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