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Deciding between Mushrooms or Bats early on into your Stardew Valley career is a big decision – but what is the correct choice?

Stardew Valley is a fantastic game, and has been a life-saver during these tough pandemic months. The main concept is that you are a big city dweller who leaves it all to start your own farm and becoming a contributing member of this rural community.

After you’ve got to grips with the game, and started to make a little money, you’ll be approached by a man who calls himself Demetrius. Demetrius will propose the idea of you joining in one of his experiments. Accepting his proposal will then force you to decide between letting bats live in your cave, or to utilize the cave to grow mushrooms.

What option should you choose? Well, we’d recommend mushrooms. Why we suggest picking mushrooms will be explained fully, so please keep reading.


If you’re looking up why mushrooms are better than bats in Stardew Valley, then look no further. We have listed every possible reason to choose mushrooms, but also why you may consider picking bats.


The availability of mushrooms outside of growing them in your cave should be the main contributing factor in deciding to choose them. Mushrooms are typically not available all year round, as they stick to growing during specific seasons when the weather is just right. This limited availability makes trying to get them quickly a real pain.

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Also, some mushrooms are only available if you head down many floors of the mine, which has its own risks.

This reason alone should sell you on the idea, but if it hasn’t, perhaps some of the next ones will.

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Or should I say, you can’t choose to grow mushrooms without using the cave. In the Fall season, it’s possible that one of your common trees may turn into a big mushroom tree. It’s purely luck/RNG based, and there is nothing that you can do to make it happen. Therefore, if you want to grow your own mushrooms, then having a cave garden is the only way to force it.

Not only that, but not all mushrooms types will grow from the luck-based mushroom tree, which is even more reason to utilize the cave.


What I mean by this, is that mushrooms aren’t bats. Bats are animals, they don’t neccessarily always want to bring fruit back, and even when they do, it’s random. However, growing mushrooms has far less variance to it. You will get given 6 mushroom planters which can be harvested every 2 days.

The mushrooms will be random though, but they’ll still be mushrooms.


Have you heard of Life Elixirs? Of course you have.

Did you know the main ingredients in Life Elixirs are mushrooms? You see where I’m going with this?

Life Elixirs, when consumed, restore your health back up to full. This makes the item usable and useful through the game. These awesome consumables can be created once your Combat Skills have reached level 2.

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All you need to make one is:

  • 1 x Red Mushroom
  • 1 x Purple Mushroom
  • 1 x Morel
  • 1 x Chanterelle

As you can probably realize by now, gathering the ingredients without the use of a mushroom garden is pretty challenging. Howether, with one, it makes crafting them dumbfoundingly easy.


The biggest drawback to choosing bats are all the potential fruits you’ll miss out on. Fruits and berries are quite important in Stardew Valley, as they are required for a variety of tasks. Villages are also very fond of them.

Also, certain fruit trees have a high price, or their seeds can be a chore to obtain. These factors should be considered when choosing mushrooms over bats.


The key takeaway from this guide is that the selection really doesn’t matter and won’t affect your game in a negative way. Choose bats if you want more access to fruits and seeds, and choose mushrooms for a constant and reliable source of them. Be sure to not put too much thought into the choice, and enjoy Stardew Valley for what it is.

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