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Ah, FIFA 23, the latest iteration of the much-loved soccer simulation video game series, is here. And what’s better than a game night with your mates, scoring goals, and showing off your new toxic celebrations? FIFA 23 has brought back the art of the goal celebration with a bang, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on how to rub that winning goal in your opponent’s face. Get ready to embrace your inner mischief-maker with these toxic celebrations that are sure to leave a mark!

Take Off With Running Celebrations

As you sprint towards the goal, remember that the journey is just as important as the destination. Running celebrations let you flaunt your style while the ball is still in motion. So, buckle up and check out these show-stopping moves.

Hand on Head

Remember that feeling when you were a kid and you just scored a goal against your best friend? That’s the vibe this celebration is going for. Flick R ⇦ then hold R ⇦ to relive that sweet childhood moment.

Thumb Suck

A classic go-to for taunting your opponents, this celebration is easy to execute, but it packs a punch. Just hold ▢ on PlayStation or X on Xbox, and watch your player channel their inner baby.


Is that a call from the FIFA gods? Or perhaps you’re just letting your opponents know who’s boss. Either way, hold R ⇩ to pull off this iconic celebration.


Add a little flair to your game with this celebration. Spin R clockwise on PlayStation or around on Xbox to perform a windmill move. Be prepared for some serious jeering from your opponents!


Fly high and show off your soaring success with the aeroplane celebration. Hold R3 on PlayStation or Xbox, and watch your player take off like a champ!

Finishing Celebrations: The Grand Finale

Once you’ve scored that epic goal, it’s time to go all out with these finishing celebrations. These moves are bound to leave your opponents stewing in their defeat!


Unleash your inner undead with this spooky celebration. Tap ▢ on PlayStation or Xbox, and watch as your player staggers around like a zombie. It’s hauntingly good fun!


Make your opponents feel like they’ve just been knocked out with this celebration. Hold L1 and double tap ▢ on PlayStation or hold LB and double tap ▢ on Xbox to pack a powerful punch.


Invite your opponents for a cuppa with this cheeky celebration. Hold L2 and Flick R ⇨⇦ on PlayStation or hold LT and Flick R ⇨⇦ on Xbox, and watch as your player enjoys a well-deserved brew.

Tea For Two

Why not share the love (or the pain) with a teammate? Hold R1 and Flick ⇩⇩ on PlayStation or hold RB and Flick ⇩⇩ on Xbox to enjoy a tea party for two.

Cradle Swing

Nothing says “I just scored a goal, and now I’m going to mock you” like cradling an imaginary baby. Hold R2 and press △ on PlayStation or hold RT and press Y on Xbox for a celebration that’s equal parts cute and infuriating.


Show off your player’s local pride with this celebration. Hold L2 and Flick R ⇩⇩ on PlayStation or hold LT and Flick R ⇩⇩ on Xbox to give a shoutout to your roots.


Get your groove on with this dance-based celebration. Hold R2 and Flick R ⇧⇧ on PlayStation or hold RT and Flick R ⇧⇧ on Xbox to show off your moves and leave your opponents feeling extra salty.


Point out your opponents’ failures with this simple, yet effective celebration. Hold L1 and Flick R ⇨⇨ on PlayStation or hold LB and Flick R ⇨⇨ on Xbox to make it clear who’s on top.

Big Man

Assert your dominance on the field with this celebration. Hold L1 and hold R ⇨ on PlayStation or hold LB and hold R ⇨ on Xbox to show everyone who the real MVP is.


Nothing says “I’m too cool for this” like casually shooing away pigeons after scoring a goal. Hold R1 and press R3 on PlayStation or hold RB and press R3 on Xbox to pull off this nonchalant celebration.

Make Your Mark with Toxic Celebrations in FIFA 23

Get ready to leave a lasting impression on your opponents with these toxic celebrations in FIFA 23. Whether you’re running down the field or basking in the glory of a hard-earned goal, these moves are sure to make your victories even sweeter. So, gather your friends, fire up your console, and let the FIFA 23 celebrations begin!

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