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FrostRunner is a fantastic F2P speedrunning platformer, that unfortunately ends way too early.

I’m sure most of you remember Mirror’s Edge; well take that concept but replace the shooting with sling mechanics and you essentially have this game. FrostRunner isn’t about storytelling or amazing graphics (even though they are actually really good), it’s about running and jumping; which you will do a lot of until you complete the game.

frost runner steam review

The platforming is done incredibly well. You really do have complete control of your character and the various gameplay mechanics are introduced to you at a good progressive pace. The game really stands out when you have to start using multiple mechanics to overcome the level.

It’s possible to complete the base game within 45 minutes, and closer to two hours to 100% it. I can’t speak highly enough about this game, as it completely took me off guard. A lot of F2P games have been very disappointing recently, and this was a breath of fresh air.

Hopefully in due course they will add a lot more levels to the game and expand it further. I can see this becoming very popular on Steam.

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