Roundtable Hold
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Tired of being stuck in Roundtable Hold? Ready to face the wilds of Elden Ring and experience the full breadth of this magical world? Well, have no fear, fellow Tarnished! Today, we’re going to learn how to find & leave Roundtable Hold Elden Ring and embark on a journey that will change your life (or at least your gaming experience)!

What is the Roundtable Hold?

Before we dive headfirst into our escape plan, let’s take a moment to understand the significance of the Roundtable Hold. Nestled within the heart of the Lands Between, this majestic fortress serves as a hub for players, offering refuge and resources aplenty. With helpful NPCs, crafting opportunities, and all sorts of mystical secrets, the Roundtable Hold is your home base in the treacherous world of Elden Ring.

How to Get to the Roundtable Hold?

Reaching the Roundtable Hold for the first time can be a bit of a challenge, especially for newcomers to the game. Here’s a quick rundown to help you get to the hold without breaking a sweat:

  1. Begin your journey at the First Step Site of Grace.
  2. Follow the main road eastward until you reach the Gatefront Ruins.
  3. Traverse the Gatefront Ruins, defeating any enemies that dare cross your path.
  4. Keep heading east until you reach the Lake-Facing Cliffs.
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How to Easily Reach the Lake-Facing Cliffs?

Now, this next part is where things get really interesting. Once you’ve reached the Lake-Facing Cliffs, you’ll need to follow these steps to make your way to the Roundtable Hold:

  1. Look for a cave entrance in the cliffs. It’s guarded by a couple of pesky enemies, but nothing a Tarnished like you can’t handle!
  2. Navigate your way through the cave system, eventually arriving at a mysterious elevator.
  3. Take the elevator up, and voilà! Welcome to the Roundtable Hold!

How to Leave the Roundtable Hold?

Alright, enough dilly-dallying! You’ve made it to the Roundtable Hold, explored its depths, and you’re now ready to leave and continue your Elden Ring adventure. So, how do you bid adieu to this magical fortress? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the eastern side of the Roundtable Hold, where you’ll find a large gate.
  2. Speak to the NPC guarding the gate, who will provide you with some valuable information and a key item.
  3. Use the key item to unlock the gate and step into the unknown.

It’s important to note that there may be multiple exits from the Roundtable Hold, depending on your progress in the game. So, if the above method doesn’t work for you, explore the fortress further and look for alternative routes out!

How to Reach the Roundtable Hold Without Defeating Margitt?

If you’re a savvy player looking to reach the Roundtable Hold without facing off against Margitt, the Fell Omen, you’re in luck! It’s entirely possible to do so, although it requires a bit more exploration and some stealthy maneuvering. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. From the Lake-Facing Cliffs, head south, following the shoreline.
  2. Keep your eyes peeled for a hidden path, tucked away behind some trees.
  3. Follow the path as it winds through a series of caves, dodging or sneaking past any foes you encounter.
  4. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon a secret entrance to the Roundtable Hold. Congratulations, you’ve managed to reach the hold without vanquishing Margitt!
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How to Exit Roundtable Hold?

So, you’re itching to leave the Roundtable Hold and dive back into the action-packed world of Elden Ring. Just follow these steps to exit the fortress and resume your quest:

  1. Locate the large gate on the eastern side of the Roundtable Hold.
  2. Speak to the NPC guarding the gate and obtain the key item they offer.
  3. Use the key item to unlock the gate and venture forth into the Lands Between.

Remember, there might be multiple exits from the Roundtable Hold depending on your in-game progress. If the aforementioned exit doesn’t work for you, explore the fortress to discover alternative ways out!

Now that you know how to leave Roundtable Hold Elden Ring, you’re ready to face the countless challenges, epic battles, and thrilling discoveries that await you in this vast, beautiful, and often unforgiving world. So, gather your courage, sharpen your blade, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. The Lands Between beckon, and only the Tarnished can conquer the darkness that lies ahead!

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