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Welcome to the ultimate guide for Old School RuneScape’s One Defence Pure builds. If you’re into OSRS, you’ve likely heard about One Defence Pure builds. These builds are not just any ordinary accounts; they’re a way of life for many OSRS players.

Why Should You Care?

  • Specialization: One Defence Pures focus on specific combat stats, leaving others at the bare minimum.
  • PvP Edge: These builds give you an advantage in player-versus-player combat.
  • Community: There’s a massive community around these builds, complete with specialized guides, streams, and social media channels.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re diving deep into every aspect of One Defence Pure builds—from the essential stats and gear setups to pro-level combat strategies and leveling guides. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Old School RuneScape’s One Defence Pure builds, brought to you by none other than 1 DEF GEOFF! If you’re into OSRS, you’ve likely heard about One Defence Pure builds. These builds are not just any ordinary accounts; they’re a way of life for many OSRS players.

Why Should You Care?

  • Specialization: One Defence Pures focus on specific combat stats, leaving others at the bare minimum.
  • PvP Edge: These builds give you an advantage in player-versus-player combat.
  • Community: There’s a massive community around these builds, complete with specialized guides, streams, and social media channels.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re diving deep into every aspect of One Defence Pure builds—from the essential stats and gear setups to pro-level combat strategies and leveling guides. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Gear Up! The Ultimate Arsenal for One Defence Pure Builds

The gear you equip can make or break your OSRS experience. From the helm that sits on your avatar’s head to the weapon that swings in their hand, every piece plays a part. Let’s dive into the best gear options available for One Defence Pure builds.

Helm: The Crown Jewel

Combat StyleOptionsUtility
MeleeBearhead / Castlewars HaloBearhead for defense, Halo for style
RangedCastlewars Halo / Robin Hood HatHalo for versatility, Robin for sniping
MageElder Chaos Hood / Ghostly HoodChaos for power, Ghostly for aesthetics

Neck: Make It or Break It

Combat StyleOptionsUtility
MeleeTorture / Fury / Strength AmmyTorture for max damage, Fury for balance
RangedAnguish / FuryAnguish for DPS, Fury for all-round use
MageOccult Necklace / FuryOccult for magic damage, Fury for versatility

Chest: The Core of Your Defense

Combat StyleOptionsUtility
MeleeVarrock Armor 1 / Decorative Castle Wars TopVarrock for Melee, Decorative for Range/Mage
RangedDecorative Castlewars Top / Ranging TunicDecorative for style, Ranging Tunic for sniping
MageElder Chaos Robe / GhostlyChaos for magical power, Ghostly for aesthetics

Back and Ammo: Add Some Flair

Gear TypeOptionsUtility
BackInferno/Fire Cape (Melee), Ranging Cape (t)/Ava’s Accu. (Ranged), Magic Arena Cape 2/1 (Mage)Various utility based on combat style
Ammo SlotBlessing / Ranged AmmunitionBlessing for Prayer, Ranged Ammo for DPS

Legs, Boots, Gloves: The Finishing Touches

Gear TypeOptionsUtility
LegsFremennik Kilt/Blessed D’Hide Chaps (Melee & Ranged), Elder Chaos / Ghostly Robes (Mage)Style and combat effectiveness
BootsSpiked Manacles / Climbing Boots (Melee), Ranger Boots / Climbing Boots (Ranged), Wizard Boots / Ghostly Boots (Mage)Various utility based on combat style
GlovesRegen Bracelet/Combat Bracelet/Mithril Gloves (Melee), Black D’hide Vambraces/ Mithril Gloves (Ranged), Tormented Bracelet/Regen Bracelet/Mithril Gloves/Ghostly (Mage)Various utility based on combat style

Rings and Offhand: The Icing on the Cake

Gear TypeOptionsUtility
RingsBerserker Ring (i) (Melee), Archer Ring (i) (Ranged), Seers Ring (i) (Mage)Specific boosts for each combat style
OffhandPrayer Books (Notably Zamorak, Bandos, Armadyl), Mage Book/Book of Darkness/Tome of Fire/Tome of Water (Mage)Prayer boosts and magical enhancements

The Weapons: Choose Your Warrior’s Spirit

Melee Weapons

  • Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Claws, Dragon Warhammer, Dragon Dagger, Dragon Longsword, Dragon 2H, Dragon Halberd, Granite Maul (With Ornate Handle), Colossal Blade, Barrelchest Anchor, Vigora’s Chainmace, Kerris Dagger

Ranged Weapons

  • Rune Crossbow, Dragon Crossbow, Armadyl Crossbow, Zaryte Crossbow, Magic Shortbow (i), Dark Bow, Blowpipe, Venator Bow, Craws Bow, Twisted Bow, Dragon Knives, Dragon Thrownaxe, Ballistas

Mage Weapons

  • All Mystic Staves, Ancient Staff, Master/Kodai Wand, God Staves, Thammaron’s Scepter, Iban’s Staff, Nightmare Staff, Tridents

Combat Calculations: The Science of Slaying

You’ve got the build, and you’re decked out in the ultimate gear. Now, let’s dive into the numbers that make you a force to be reckoned with in combat. Your combat level is a composite score, calculated from your various combat-related stats. For a One Defence Pure build, a combat level of 82.925 isn’t just a number; it’s a badge of honor.

The Breakdown of 82.925 Combat Level

FactorWeightageWhy It Matters
Attack & StrengthHighDirectly impacts your damage output
Defence & HitpointsMediumInfluences how long you stay in battle
Magic & RangedMediumAdds versatility to your combat style
PrayerLowProvides supplementary combat buffs

How to Leverage Your Combat Level

  1. PvP Matchups: Knowing your combat level helps you pick fights you can win.
  2. Quest Requirements: Some quests have combat level prerequisites.
  3. Monster Farming: Higher combat levels allow you to tackle tougher monsters for better loot.
  4. Mini-games: Games like Pest Control have combat level requirements.

Tips for Optimizing Combat

  • Max Out Offense: Prioritize your Attack and Strength to maximize damage.
  • Keep Defence Low: The essence of a One Defence Pure is low Defence. Don’t level it up!
  • Balance Magic and Ranged: These stats add depth to your combat abilities. Don’t neglect them.
  • Use Prayer Wisely: Level up your Prayer only when you need specific buffs.

Your combat level is a direct reflection of your prowess in battle. Understand it, optimize it, and use it to your advantage.

The Magic of Ranged and Mage: The Art of Distance Combat

When it comes to versatility in OSRS, mastering the Ranged and Mage combat styles can give you a crucial edge. Both styles offer unique advantages, allowing you to adapt to various combat scenarios. Let’s explore how you can unleash the full potential of these combat styles with a One Defence Pure build.

The Importance of Ranged and Mage

Importance FactorRangedMage
VersatilityModerateVery High
LevelRanged Gear OptionsMage Gear Options
LowLeather Armor, ShortbowWizard Robes, Elemental Staves
MediumStudded Leather, Oak ShortbowMystic Robes, Ancient Staff
HighBlack D’hide, Magic Shortbow (i)Elder Chaos Robes, Master/Kodai Wand

Spells and Attacks to Consider


  • Special Attacks: Dark Bow for high damage, Magic Shortbow for rapid shots.
  • Ammunition: Rune Arrows for general use, Dragon Arrows for high damage.


  • Offensive Spells: Ice Barrage for freezing enemies, Flames of Zamorak for high damage.
  • Utility Spells: Teleblock to prevent escapes, Vengeance for counter-attacks.

Pro Tips

  • Switch Styles: Being able to switch between Ranged and Mage can confuse your opponent.
  • Use Specials: Both combat styles have powerful special attacks—use them wisely.
  • Mind Your Surroundings: Use obstacles to your advantage when using Ranged or Mage.

By mastering both Ranged and Mage, you add layers of complexity to your One Defence Pure build. Your opponents won’t know what hit them—literally!

The Power of Prayer: Your Spiritual Advantage

In OSRS, Prayer isn’t just a sideline stat—it’s a game-changer. Whether you’re in the heat of PvP combat or grinding through a tough PvE scenario, the right Prayer can tip the scales in your favor. For a One Defence Pure build, 52 Prayer is the sweet spot. But why stop at 52? Let’s delve into the divine details.

Why 52 Prayer?

Prayer LevelUnlocked PrayersUtility
25Protect ItemKeep an extra item upon death
37Protect from MagicReduce Magic damage by 40%
40Protect from MissilesReduce Ranged damage by 40%
43Protect from MeleeReduce Melee damage by 40%
52SmiteDrain enemy Prayer with your attacks

When to Level Up Prayer and Benefits

  1. Early Game: Unlock basic prayers for utility.
  2. Mid-Game: Work towards protection prayers for PvP and PvE.
  3. Late Game: Acquire Smite to dominate in PvP scenarios.

How to Use Prayer in Combat

  • Offensive Stance: Use prayers like Ultimate Strength to boost your damage output.
  • Defensive Moves: Shield yourself with protection prayers based on your opponent’s combat style.
  • Tactical Play: Use Smite to drain the enemy’s Prayer and disrupt their strategy.

Quick Tips

  • Manage Prayer Points: Always keep an eye on your Prayer points during combat.
  • Prayer Potions: Stock up on these to maintain your Prayer levels in extended fights.
  • Quick Prayers: Set up quick prayers for easy access during high-stakes combat.

Understanding and effectively utilizing Prayer can make you a formidable One Defence Pure. It adds another layer of strategy to your combat, making you unpredictable and hard to counter.

Tips and Tricks: The Insider’s Guide to One Defence Pure Greatness

You’ve got the build, the gear, and the know-how. But as any seasoned OSRS player will tell you, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Welcome to the tips and tricks section, your secret sauce for One Defence Pure mastery.

The Do’s

  1. Potion Up: Always have a set of combat potions. Super sets or even basic Strength and Attack potions can give you the edge.
  2. Safe Spots: When training or in combat, use terrain to your advantage. Corners, obstacles, and safe spots can be game-changers.
  3. Tick Manipulation: Learn the art of tick manipulation to maximize DPS.

The Don’ts

  1. Overcommit: Don’t go all-in without a backup plan. Always have an escape route.
  2. Ignore Food: Never enter combat without a full inventory of food. Sharks or better are recommended.
  3. Forget Special Attacks: Your special attack bar is there for a reason. Use it or lose it!

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common MistakeHow to Avoid It
Overtraining DefenceStick to your Pure build. Never train Defence.
Poor Inventory ManagementKeep essential items like food and potions within easy reach.
Ignoring PvP MetaStay updated on the PvP meta to adapt your tactics accordingly.

Bonus Tips: The PvP Edge

  • Timing: Learn the cooldowns of your and your opponent’s special attacks.
  • Mind Games: Use emotes or gear switches to confuse your opponent.
  • Tech Skills: Master techniques like 1-tick prayer switching and quick eating.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll elevate your One Defence Pure game from good to legendary. It’s the small details that can give you the winning edge in combat.

Starting Strong: Your First Steps and Must-Have Items

Before you jump into the depths of OSRS with your One Defence Pure, some prep work is necessary. From gathering starter gear to ticking off early quests, every action sets the foundation for your future adventures. Let’s dig into what you’ll need right out of the gate.

Starting Gear and Misc Items: Your Adventurer’s Kit

CategoryItemsWhy You Need It
Bonds1-2 Bond(s)Membership unlocks essential content
CashCash Stack (25m+)Quick purchases, more flexibility
Potions100+ Stamina PotionsFor those long-distance runs
Food200 Good Food, 100 KarambwansHealing is crucial, don’t skimp
Teleports200+ House Tabs, Multiple Teleport TabsMobility is key
Basic ToolsSmall Stack Of All Your Basic ToolsFor skilling and quests
Magic GearWizard Robes, Elder Robes, Wizard Boots, Fire Staff, Fury Necklace, Regen BraceletMage starter pack
Cannon SetCannon Set, 15k+ Cannon BallsRanged firepower
Rune PouchRune Pouch + Lotsa RunesFor your magical endeavors

Your Roadmap to One Defence Pure Glory (Continued)

  1. Complete Gertrude’s Cat quest: A pet cat never hurts.
  2. Grow Kitten Into Cat: For that added cuteness and utility.
  3. Complete Plague City and Biohazard quests: Get into the espionage action.
  4. Complete Doric’s Quest and Goblin Diplomacy: Crafting and diplomacy, an interesting mix.
  5. Complete Druidic Ritual and Witch’s House quests: Dabble in Druidism and haunted houses.
  6. Complete Hazeel Cult through Vampire Slayer quests: From cults to vampire hunting, you’ve got it covered.
  7. Get Chronicle/Teleports: Mobility, mobility, mobility.
  8. Complete Demon Slayer through Ernest the Chicken quests: Slay demons, then solve a poultry problem.
  9. Complete X Marks the Spot and Client of Kourend quests: Treasure hunting and a trip to Kourend.
  10. Use Lamps On Slayer: Make every XP count.
  11. Complete Porcine of Interest through Natural History Quiz: From pig hunting to museum trips.
  12. Get 40 Cooking and 10 Fletching: Essential skills to have.
  13. Complete Tourist Trap and Grand Tree quests: For that Agility XP and gnome diplomacy.
  14. Complete Mountain Daughter quest: A saga of love and tragedy.
  15. Get 21 Thieving: Become a master of stealth.
  16. Complete Tribal Totem quest: Totem stealing? Count me in!
  17. Get 25 Thieving and 30 Ranged: More skills, more power.
  18. Complete Rune Mysteries and Fishing Contest quests: Mysteries and competitive fishing, what’s not to love?
  19. Get 20 Fishing: You’ll need it for the contests.
  20. Complete Priest In Peril and Varrock Easy Diary: Unlock Morytania and snag some easy rewards.
  21. Complete Death Plateau and Murder Mystery quests: From mountain trekking to becoming Sherlock.
  22. Get 30 Crafting: Crafting is key.
  23. Complete Golem Quest: Solve the mystery of the ancient golem.
  24. Get 30 Firemaking: Light up your OSRS life.
  25. Complete Shadow Of The Storm through Sea Slug quests: From dark rituals to sea adventures.
  26. Complete Mountain Dwarf quest: Dwarves need your help too!
  27. Free Goblins in RFD: Recipe for Disaster is a long saga, and freeing goblins is a part of it.
  28. Free Pirate Pete in RFD: More freedom, more fun.
  29. Complete Big Chompy Bird Hunting: Hunt or be hunted!
  30. Free Skrach and Evil Dave in RFD: Continue your freedom spree.
  31. Complete Barcrawl Miniquest and Horror From The Deep quests: From pub crawling to deep-sea horrors.
  32. Get 35 Woodcutting: Chop, chop!
  33. Complete Animal Magnetism quest: Attract success.
  34. Get 61 Ranged: Sniper mode activated.
  35. Begin Your Farm Runs (40 Farming): Farming isn’t just for Farmville.
  36. Complete Ghosts Ahoy through Lost City quests: From ghost ships to lost cities.
  37. Get 25 Fletching and 30 Construction: Build and craft your success.
  38. Get 56 Agility While Low/High Alching: Agility and magic, a perfect combo.
  39. Get a Minimum of 50 Magic Alching: Alchemy isn’t just a legend.
  40. Get 15% Hosidius Favor: For that Kourend connection.
  41. Get 43 Thieving: The thief’s path continues.
  42. Complete The Feud and get 53 Thieving: Family drama and more thieving.
  43. Complete Underground Pass quest: Not for the claustrophobic.
  44. Get Full Anglers Outfit and 57 Fishing: Look good while you fish.
  45. Complete Regicide through Creature of Fenkenstrain quests: From killing kings to Frankenstein references.
  46. Complete Jungle Potion and Pirates Treasure quests: Potion brewing and treasure hunting.
  47. Complete Zogre Flesh Eaters and Black Knights Fortress quests: Eat or be eaten, then storm a fortress.
  48. Complete Recruitment Drive quest: Join the club!
  49. Get 47 Prayer and 45 Crafting: Pray and craft, the OSRS way.
  50. Get 42 Slayer: Slay your way to the top.
  51. Complete Rum Deal through Sleeping Giants quests: From drunken pirates to giant problems.
  52. Giants Foundry to 50+ Smithing: Smith like a giant.
  53. Purchase Colossal Blade: Get your hands on this massive weapon.
  54. Complete Cabin Fever: Are you afraid of the sea?
  55. Get 50 Prayer: Reach a Prayer milestone.
  56. Complete Great Brain Robbery quest: Brains over brawn.
  57. Get 75 Range at NMZ: Become a master marksman.
  58. Buy A Blowpipe: The ultimate ranged weapon.
  59. Complete Monkey Madness 1 quest: Madness? This is Ape Atoll!
  60. Obtain Fire Cape: The cape of champions.
  61. Complete Temple of Ikov through Troll Stronghold quests: Temples and trolls, a great mix.
  62. Get 50 Firemaking: Light up even more fires.
  63. Get Mage Cape 1: Your first magical cape.
  64. Complete Digsite and Desert Treasure quests: Dig deep and uncover treasures.
  65. Buy Loot Keys From Skully (1M): For those valuable drops.
  66. Get 75 Magic: Become a magical powerhouse.
  67. Touch Grass: Don’t forget the real world!
  68. Get Mage Cape 2: Your second magical cape.
  69. Complete Haunted Mine Quest and Tarn’s Lair: Mines and lairs, sounds scary.
  70. Start Dragon Slayer (DO NOT COMPLETE!): Just start to access antifires.
  71. Complete Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest: A trio of tasks.
  72. Get 52 Prayer and 60 Attack: Become a spiritual warrior.
  73. Get 75 Strength: Stronger than ever.
  74. Complete Eyes of Glouphrie quest: Eyes on the prize.
  75. Do Castle Wars For Decorative Top and Halo: Look good in combat.
  76. Max House (Optional): A man’s home is his castle.
  77. Get 100% Arceuus Favor for Spellbook: For that magical edge.
  78. Obtain Ghostly Robe Set: Spook your enemies.
  79. Get 40 Mining: Mine your own business.
  80. Complete The Watchtower and Enlightened Journey quests: Watchtowers and balloons.
  81. Get 70 Cooking and 70 Crafting: Master chef and craftsman.
  82. Get 69 Slayer: One more to go.
  83. Get 60 Hunter: Become the ultimate tracker.
  84. Get 55 Thieving: Almost there!
  85. Get 60 Firemaking: Pyromania!
  86. Complete Monkey Madness 2: The madness continues.
  87. Get 99 Range, 98 (99) Strength, 99 Magic, 99 (98) Hitpoints: Reach the peaks of your potential.
  88. Congrats!

Quick Tips

  • Focus on Quests: They’ll give you a big XP boost and unlock crucial content.
  • Don’t Rush: Take your time to gather all necessary items and complete quests in a logical order.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on OSRS updates and community discussions for any changes that could affect your build.

Conclusion: Unleashing Your One Defence Pure Potential

You’ve come a long way, future One Defence Pure champion. From understanding the essentials of Melee, Ranged, and Mage to diving deep into the power of Prayer, you’re now armed with the knowledge you need to dominate both PvP and PvE scenarios. With our comprehensive tips and tricks, as well as a detailed guide on what items to grab and quests to complete, you’re all set for your journey in OSRS.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Master All Combat Styles: Whether it’s Melee, Ranged, or Mage, versatility is your biggest asset.
  2. Prayer is Power: Don’t underestimate the divine boost that Prayer offers.
  3. Details Matter: From the gear you equip to the potions you drink, every detail can tip the balance in your favor.
  4. Quest to Impress: Many quests offer huge XP rewards and unlock valuable content. Don’t skip them!
  5. Community is Key: Stay updated with the latest OSRS trends and adapt your strategies accordingly.

There’s no time like the present to start your One Defence Pure journey. With this guide as your companion, glory is not just a possibility; it’s a guarantee. So go ahead, embrace the grind, tackle those quests, and show the OSRS world what you’re made of. Your One Defence Pure legend starts now.

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