Best Heroes In Battlefront 2
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Even though Battlefront 2 has been out for a couple of years already, it’s holding the test of time very well. The graphics and audio make each and every game incredibly immersive, tossing you into the many worlds that make up the Star Wars universe. Being able to interact with your favorite weapons, planets, and heroes is timeless fun.

What makes Battlefront so engaging is the Hero system. This allows you to spend in-game currency (that’s earned on a game-by-game basis), to control one of the many famous Star Wars heroes. You’ll be able to play a wide variety of heroes, but they will be specific to the current map you’re playing on.

Mastering each Hero that the game has to offer is definitely worth pursing. Only one person will be allowed to select the Hero, so it’s important that you learn how to play them as they can completely turn an unwinnable battle into a stomp for your team.

Below we’ve comprised a list of what we think are the 10 best heroes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Of course this list will be of our opinions, but it should give you a basis to help make an informed decision in your future battles.


kylo ren battlefront 2

Kylo Ren is an iconic Hero from the new Star Wars films, due to his unique lightsaber and short temper.

He’s able to gap close enemies easily as he can either freeze them in place, or pull them towards him. If you find yourself surrounding, using your ultimate will decimate all those around you.

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While on the grand scale of things, Kylo has low mobility, his damage output in short range makes up for it.


Boba Fett battlefront 2

If you know anything about Star Wars, then you’ll have at least heard of Boba Fett. This iconic Hero is one mean bounty hunter. In Battlefront 2, his incredible mobility from his jetpacks allow him to travel across the battlefield with relative ease, traversing whatever landscape is before him. His rifle is also usable at all ranges too.

However, what makes Boba Fett so strong is his aerial abilities. He can fire devastating rockets from aerial advantage points, which will obliterate any ground troops unfortunate enough to be within range of them.

His Concussion Rockets (essentially a flash bang) may seem good in principle, but unfortunately aren’t that great in practice.

He can remove his presence from enemy radars, as well as show all nearby enemies on your own radar, which makes sneaking up to large groups of enemy soldiers fairly easy.

To make the most out of Boba, you’ll want to take advantage of his aerial maneuverability, to unleash hell from above. In close-range combat, he is fairly poor, however.


darth maul battlefront 2

Darth Maul is one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe, even if his film debut wasn’t as readily received.

Darth Maul is one of the most satisfying heroes to learn to play well, as his mobility is unparalleled. He’s able to perform two quick dashes, which aid with positioning. He can also throw his lightsaber; however, this ability has a decent skill-ceiling as it isn’t easy to hit your enemies.

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Surprisingly, Darth Maul’s ultimate lifts enemies and slams them down into the ground. Multi-crowd control abilities are rare, in Battlefront 2, so this is a nice touch.

Darth Maul excels at conducting hasty assaults on to enemy positions.


Iden Versio battlefront 2

Blast them! Iden’s blaster is incredibly overpowered, and will wreck all those who are unfortunate enough to take damage from it. Although it’s best used at short range, it also has a grenade launched built into it.

Iden Versio can produce a droid shield that will make her invulnerable for up to 12 seconds. Her droid can also perform a delayed stun.

Although she can engage in long-range combat with her pulse cannon, it’s best to position her so that she’s fighting within close quarters.


bossk battlefront 2

Bossk can become a real nuisance for the enemy to play against. There are many ways to play Bossk. You can either turn the map into a deadly mine-zone, with his grenades and mines, or just stick to engaging the enemy with his sniping or blaster capabilities.

His ultimate will not only reveal enemies that are nearby, but also grant you access to his devastating grenade launcher.


darth vader battlefront 2

Darth Vader is the tankiest hero in the game. He can take an incredible amount of damage, but he lacks any real mobility.

Vader gets his kills by using iconic abilities such as: force choking, saber throwing, and deflecting blaster projectiles away.

He can also buff his own damage, as well as improve his own damage reduction.

If you want a more relaxed hero to play, Vader will have you covered.

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luke skywalker battlefront 2

Luke Skywalker is the jack of all trades. He has average offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as decent mobility.

His playstyle involves around pushing away enemies, and gap closing to deliver devastating lightsaber blows.


emporer palpatine battlefront 2

Palpatine is what is typically known as a glass cannon. He can unleash devastating ranged damage via his chain lightning, but has limited survivability and mobility.

To get the most out of the Emperor, you must bide your time and try and flank the enemy, so that you can unleash hell.


yoda battlefront 2

It would be impossible for Yoda to be bad in a Star Wars game, and Battlefront 2 is no different.

Yoda provides a lot of sustained damage due to his defensive capabilities via damage absorbing blocks, and a charge that can push enemies far away.

His small size makes him difficult to target on the battlefield too. He’s best positioned with allied soldiers though, to make use of his area of effect healing.

However, I’ve been in many games where a Yoda goes for the backlines and unleashes a crazy amount of damage. Despite this, it’s still best to stick with your team until you become proficient in what you can get away with,


Anakin battlefront 2

It should be no surprise that Anakin is listed in the number one spot! If you ever get the chance to control Anakin, you must grab him without hesitation. He is undoubtedly the most overpowered hero in Battlefront 2, and is your best bet at taking the top MVP spot in your game.

Anakin has access to fantastic AoE damage capabilities, incredible crowd control, and immense damage output.

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