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Dark and Darker, the intense PvPvE game, is currently available as a free demo for PC on Steam. However, the game’s pricing future has yet to be determined for its official 1.0 release.

IRONMACE plans to launch Dark and Darker in the third quarter of 2023, but there has been no official announcement regarding pricing changes. The game may remain free-to-play, but many Steam Early Access titles increase their prices for their full release.

The developers are currently conducting playtests and fixing bugs before the game’s release, and the recent playtests have lasted only a few days. Despite this, Dark and Darker has already gained much attention and is the most wish-listed game in Steam’s Next Fest event. The developers are committed to providing quick fixes for major bugs.

Having said that, it is very likely that they’ll lean towards a buy to play (B2P) model and away from F2P. They are likely going to have a cash shop, which was confirmed in the below video:

The F2P model for games can be a blessing as well as a curse. F2P games often are strife with bots, hacking, and toxicity (even more so than the average game). Releasing Dark and Darker with a buy to play model is probably the best move, even if it isn’t too expensive.

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