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Unfurl your maps, unsheathe your quills, and prepare for a rollicking romp through the realm of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5E). As your guide, your bard, your sage, and your secret weapon against a TPK, I’m delighted to guide you through the enigmatic and magical creatures known as wynlings.

Wynlings, our SEO keyword of the day, are a fascinating creature introduced in the later expansions of 5E. If you’re searching for a unique twist to your D&D campaign, keep reading! We’ll delve into wynling lore, explore their unique characteristics, and offer tips for incorporating them into your games. Ready? Let’s go!

Wynlings: The Stuff of Fairytales

Wynlings are small, fey-like creatures, often described as the offspring of a fairy and an elf, with a pinch of pixie whimsy. They hail from the Feywild, that plane of whimsy, caprice, and raw magic. Wynlings embody the fey spirit, overflowing with vitality, laughter, and an insatiable curiosity.

But wynlings are more than just their vibrant personalities. They’re known for their agility, magical prowess, and a deep-rooted connection with nature that outshines even the most devout druids. Standing only 2 to 3 feet tall, wynlings are frequently underestimated by their foes. However, their size belies their inner strength, tenacity, and uncanny knack for slipping out of tricky situations.

Wynling Traits: Small in Stature, Big in Impact

When introducing a wynling into your campaign, let’s break down their unique traits.

  1. Size: Wynlings are small creatures, usually standing between 2 and 3 feet tall. This small size can offer unique opportunities in gameplay and strategy, allowing wynlings to hide and maneuver in ways larger creatures can’t.
  2. Speed: Wynlings are surprisingly quick, with a base walking speed of 30 feet, defying the expectations one might have for such small creatures.
  3. Fey Ancestry: With their roots in the Feywild, wynlings are naturally resistant to magic that manipulates the mind. They have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put them to sleep.
  4. Flight: Wynlings possess delicate, translucent wings, giving them the ability to fly. However, their flight speed is typically 30 feet and they cannot fly if they’re encumbered or in medium or heavy armor.
  5. Natural Magic: Wynlings carry a touch of fey magic. They can cast druidcraft at will and have the ability to cast faerie fire and entangle once per day, using Charisma as their spellcasting ability.
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Encountering a Wynling: Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve got the wynling basics down, let’s delve into the fun stuff – encountering a wynling in your campaign!

Leverage Their Fey Ancestry

Remember that wynlings are deeply connected to the Feywild. They might be found guarding a portal to the fey realm, or they could serve as guides for parties venturing into the Feywild. Their resistance to charms and sleep spells makes them tricky adversaries or valuable allies.

Use Their Size and Speed

Wynlings’ small stature and quick speed allow for creative encounter designs. They can dart in and out of combat, hide in tight spaces, and use their surroundings to their advantage. Be prepared for a fast-paced and dynamic combat if wynlings are involved.

Understand Their Magic

Wynlings aren’t just physical opponents; they can pack a magical punch too. From casting druidcraft to toy with their enemies to using faerie fire to illuminate stealthy foes or entangle to create difficult terrain, wynlings are capable of turning the tide of an encounter with their fey magic.

Remember Their Flight

Wynlings’ ability to fly adds another layer of complexity to encounters. They can easily bypass ground-based traps and obstacles, or use vertical terrain to their advantage. This makes them challenging to pin down and can force a party to think creatively about how to handle them.

Wynlings as Allies

Wynlings, while mischievous, are not inherently evil and could become intriguing allies for your party. A wynling could provide valuable insights into the Feywild, offer unique magical assistance, or even guide the party through a dense, enchanted forest. Their fey charm could lead to some entertaining roleplay situations, and their small size could allow them to assist the party in unexpected ways.

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Wynlings info table

SizeWynlings are small creatures, typically standing between 2 and 3 feet tall.
SpeedWynlings are surprisingly quick for their size, with a base walking speed of 30 feet.
Fey AncestryWynlings have their roots in the Feywild, making them resistant to magic that affects the mind. They have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put them to sleep.
FlightWynlings possess delicate, translucent wings. They have a flight speed of 30 feet but cannot fly if they’re encumbered or wearing medium or heavy armor.
Natural MagicWynlings carry a touch of fey magic. They can cast druidcraft at will. Once they reach 3rd level, they can cast the faerie fire spell once per day. At 5th level, they can also cast entangle once per day. Charisma is their spellcasting ability for these spells.
TemperamentWynlings are fey-like and typically whimsical in nature. They can be mischievous but are not inherently evil.

Conclusion: The Magic of Wynlings in D&D 5E

Whether you’re a player hoping to convince your DM to let you befriend a wynling or a DM looking to spice up your encounters, wynlings offer a wealth of opportunities for intrigue, challenge, and fun in any D&D 5E game. With their fey heritage, magical abilities, and distinctive traits, they bring a dash of the Feywild’s capricious charm to your adventures.

So, the next time you hear a rustling in the underbrush or spot a tiny, winged figure flitting through the trees, don’t be too quick to dismiss it. It could be a wynling, ready to lead your party on a magical adventure you won’t soon forget. Stay curious, fellow adventurers, and may your dice always roll in your favor!

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