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While coil-flip cards aren’t as common as they are in other games, like Digimon and Pokémon, some spells in MTG will test your luck with a simple coin toss. The coin toss will affect the results on the spell, and may end up causing you harm if lady-luck is not on your side.

Despite this, flip cards can offer amazingly overpower effects at a reduced mana price. It’s also possible to increase your chances of getting a good flip by utilising supports.

With plenty of coin-flip spell cards available, how are you supposed to know which ones are worth the risk, and which ones should never see the light of day? Luckily for you, we have done the theorycrafting for you, and can now present you our list of what we believe are the best coil-flip cards in Magic: The Gathering.


fiery gambit

Converted Mana Cost: 3

Fiery Gambit allows you to keep flipping a coin until you either lose the toss, or choose to cease flipping. If you fail a toss, all of your previous toss-wins will be null and void. This means that you should definitely quit while you’re ahead!

Each successful toss will strengthen the resulting effect.

  • One or more wins: Gambit deals three damage to a creature
  • Two or more wins: Gambit deals six damage to each opponent
  • Three or more wins: Draw nine cards and untap all your lands

As you can see, obtaining a three streak is not an easy task, but the rewards are tremendous. A three-in-a-row coin-flip could win you the game. Be sure to use chance-altering support cards to improve the odds.



Converted Mana Cost: 4

Boompile is a simple card, but oh man can it do work! With a correct coin-toss call, Boompile will destroy all non-land permanents, which includes itself (obviously). Assuming luck favours you, you will have access to instant mass removal that you can prep ahead of time. If you fail to detonate, you will be able to have another go during your next untap step.


Okaun Eye of Chaos Zndrsplt Eye of Wisdom

Converted Mana Cost: 5

We have placed Okaun and Zndrsplt as one as they are normally played together. Their unique synergy allows them to either server as command in EDH or let you search for the other in your deck.

Each one needs 5 mana and a coin-flip to start. Each time you get heads Okaun will double his toughness and power for the turn, and Zndrsplt will allow you to draw a new card. These abilities will trigger when anyone wins a coin-flip! These synergise well with many of the other chance-based spell cards.


rakdos the showstopper

Converted Mana Cost: 6

Rakdos is a formidable demon as he is equipped with 6/6, can fly and trample. What makes him even stronger, is that when he enters the battlefield, you will flip a coin for every creature present that isn’t an imp, devil, or demon. Tails means that it gets destroyed.

Unfortunately though, this means that you can actually destroy your own units, which means you will need to build your deck around this card.


goblin bomb

Converted Mana Cost: 2

Goblin bomb only requires 2 mana, which makes it one of the cheapest on this list. A toss in your favour, as your opponent will call the toss, will add a fuse counter, and a loss will remove one.

Once you have one counter on Goblin Bomb you can utilise proliferate effects to gain more without having to wait. If Goblin Bomb has a minimum of 5 counters, you can sacrifice it to deal 20 damage – which as you can imagine, will usually kill your victim.

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