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In the world of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, generating a steady income is key to building your empire. Caravans offer an excellent opportunity for ambitious players to make a fortune, but they can be tricky to navigate for newcomers. That’s where this comprehensive Bannerlord Caravan Guide comes in, covering everything from forming caravans to maximizing profits. We’ll explore the best companions to lead your caravans, and compare their profitability to that of workshops. So grab your steed, and let’s dive into the world of trade and commerce!

What is a caravan in Bannerlord?

Caravans are mobile trade units that journey between settlements in Bannerlord, buying low and selling high. As they traverse the map, they generate a passive income for their owners, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game. While caravans have the potential to be highly lucrative, they also come with risks, such as bandit attacks and fluctuations in market prices.

How do I form a caravan in Bannerlord?

To form a caravan in Bannerlord, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit a town: Head to any major settlement and enter the town menu by clicking on the settlement’s name.
  2. Find a merchant: Look for a merchant, usually found near the center of the town. Their location may vary, so explore until you find one.
  3. 3. Choose a companion: To create a caravan, you’ll need to assign one of your companions to lead it. Be sure to pick someone with high trade and scouting skills to maximize your caravan’s profitability.
  4. Pay the initial cost: Forming a caravan requires an upfront investment of around 15,000-18,000 denars. This covers the cost of hiring guards and purchasing initial goods.
  5. Select your troops: You’ll need to allocate a number of troops to guard the caravan. While better troops offer increased protection, they also come with a higher wage, impacting your overall profits.
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Once you’ve completed these steps, your caravan will begin its journey, visiting various settlements and trading goods on your behalf.

How do I make Bannerlord caravans profitable?

Making your caravan profitable involves a combination of careful management and strategic planning. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. Pick a skilled companion: As mentioned earlier, a companion with high trade and scouting skills will improve your caravan’s efficiency and profits.
  2. Monitor trade routes: Keep an eye on trade routes and market trends, adjusting your caravan’s route as needed to take advantage of profitable opportunities.
  3. Invest in additional caravans: Owning multiple caravans can increase your income significantly. However, keep in mind that you’ll also have more to manage and protect.
  4. Keep your caravan safe: Protect your investment by occasionally accompanying your caravan or sending additional troops to defend it from potential threats like bandits or hostile factions.
  5. Keep a reserve fund: Always have a buffer of denars in case of unexpected expenses or losses, such as ransom payments or caravan destruction.
  6. Reinvest profits: As your caravan generates income, reinvest in upgrading troops, hiring better companions, or establishing new caravans to further expand your trade empire.

Should you get better troops in caravans?

While better troops offer increased protection against bandits and enemy factions, they come with higher wages that can eat into your profits. Striking a balance between troop quality and cost is essential. Consider the following factors when deciding on troops for your caravan:

  1. Risk assessment: If your caravan is traveling through dangerous areas with a high risk of bandit attacks, investing in better troops may be worth the cost.
  2. Companion skills: A skilled companion with high trade and scouting abilities can help offset the need for top-tier troops by maximizing profits and avoiding dangerous situations.
  3. Caravan size: Larger caravans may warrant better troops, as they have more to protect and can generate higher returns.
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Best companions for caravans

Choosing the right companion to lead your caravan is crucial. Look for companions with high trade and scouting skills, as well as the following traits:

  1. Honest: Trustworthy companions are less likely to steal or mismanage your caravan’s finances.
  2. Industrious: Companions with a strong work ethic will ensure your caravan operates efficiently and effectively.
  3. Tactician: Companions skilled in tactics will be better at protecting your caravan and navigating through dangerous situations.

To find the best companions for your caravans, visit taverns in various towns and look for those with the desired skills and traits. Be prepared to spend time and resources recruiting and training the right companion for the job.

Caravans versus Workshops

Both caravans and workshops offer passive income opportunities in Bannerlord, but they function differently and come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick comparison:


  • Mobile, trading goods between settlements
  • Can generate significant profits if managed well
  • Require a companion to lead
  • Subject to risks, such as bandit attacks and market fluctuations
  • Initial investment of 15,000-18,000 denars


  • Fixed locations within towns, producing goods for sale
  • Generate a stable, albeit typically lower, income
  • No companion required
  • Less susceptible to external risks, such as bandit attacks
  • Initial investment of 12,000-15,000 denars

Ultimately, the choice between caravans and workshops depends on your playstyle, risk tolerance, and investment strategy.

Caravans are better suited for players who enjoy managing multiple moving parts and are willing to take on higher risks for potentially larger rewards. They demand more attention and management, but can be extremely lucrative when well-optimized.

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Workshops, on the other hand, are ideal for players who prefer a more hands-off, consistent income stream. While they typically yield lower returns compared to well-managed caravans, they require minimal intervention and are less vulnerable to external threats.

Some players may choose to diversify their investments by operating both caravans and workshops, balancing the risks and rewards of each. This can help create a stable income while still capitalizing on the lucrative opportunities offered by caravans.


Mastering the art of trade in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord can be a rewarding and profitable venture. By understanding how caravans work, carefully selecting companions and troops, and optimizing trade routes, you can build a thriving trade empire that will fund your ambitions in the world of Calradia.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on market trends and adapt your strategy as needed, and consider diversifying your investments with workshops to create a more balanced income stream. With perseverance and strategic planning, you’ll become a trading powerhouse and dominate the economy in Bannerlord. Happy trading!

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