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Hey, hey, Bannerlord enthusiasts! So, you’ve conquered towns, battled brigands, and even minted your own coinage. Life’s good in the pixelated lands of Calradia, right? But maybe you’re thinking it’s time for your character to settle down and focus on the next generation. After all, even the fiercest warriors yearn for the pitter-patter of little feet around their castles. Yep, today we’re diving into how to have kids in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Buckle up, because it’s more than just a game of thrones—it’s a game of cradles and cribs too!

Ah, raising a family in the midst of medieval mayhem: it’s like a bouquet of roses with a sword tucked in. Adds a whole new layer of strategy, doesn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s jump into the literal nitty-gritty of family life in Calradia. From courtship to diaper changes, we’re covering it all!

Ready? Alright, onward to the land of milk and honey… and maybe some diapers too.

Why Have Kids in Bannerlord?

What’s in it for Me?

First off, let’s tackle the big question: why bother with the domestic bliss in a game that’s largely about lopping off heads and laying siege to castles? Well, my friend, in the world of Bannerlord, family is more than just holiday gatherings and awkward conversations. It’s about lineage, legacy, and a dash of dynastic ambition. Imagine this: your character aging gracefully, a brood of young warriors scampering around, ready to take up arms and continue your legacy. It’s like building your own mini army but with a family portrait!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Now, if you’re all about the gameplay advantages, having kids in Bannerlord offers a heap of benefits. For one, they can grow up to be capable warriors or governors, enhancing your kingdom’s strength. It’s like hitting the jackpot, except the prize is a cabal of mini-you’s running your empire. Secondly, it gives you continuity. If your character meets an untimely end—and let’s face it, Calradia is as dangerous as a snake in the grass—your offspring can take over, and the game continues.

A Personal Investment

Last but not least, there’s the emotional investment. Your character isn’t just a set of stats and shiny armor; they’re a living, breathing part of Calradia. And what better way to get invested than by raising a family? It’s the cherry on top of your medieval escapade, making each victory sweeter and every loss a bit more biting.

Ah, family—life’s natural plot twist. Having children in Bannerlord isn’t just about diversifying gameplay; it’s about leaving your mark on a turbulent world. And that, folks, is a legacy worth fighting for.

First Steps: Getting Married

Choose Your Partner Wisely

So, you’ve made up your mind to jump into the realm of matrimony, huh? Good for you! But hold your horses—literally and figuratively. Before you can hear the clash of baby rattles, you’ve got to hear the wedding bells. And before that? Well, you’ve got to find someone willing to share their life with you, for better or worse, in sickness and health, and through countless battles and sieges. Picking a spouse in Bannerlord isn’t like spinning a wheel of fortune; it’s more like a chess game, with each potential partner offering different benefits. Some are excellent in combat, while others may have political connections that can turn the tides in your favor. Choose wisely; this is one decision you can’t CTRL+Z.

How to Court Like a Lord (or Lady)

Now, you’ve got your eyes set on that special someone, eh? Well, in the world of Bannerlord, courtship isn’t as simple as swiping right. You’ll need to engage in various dialogue options and complete quests to win over your potential spouse. It’s kind of like a dating game, except with fewer cocktails and more longsword duels. Your choices in dialogue and actions will either fill their heart with love or leave it colder than a winter in the North. So, be your most charming self, or at least try to be.

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Sealing the Deal

Ah, the sweet taste of success! After you’ve sufficiently wooed your betrothed, it’s time to make it official. This involves a hefty dowry, usually paid in cold, hard denars. Hey, love might be blind, but it sure isn’t cheap. After the dowry is settled, congrats! You’re married. It’s like hitting the “New Game Plus” button, but instead of battling the same old enemies, you’re navigating the twists and turns of married life.

Having a spouse in Bannerlord is your ticket to the parenthood rollercoaster. It’s not just an added layer to the gameplay but a partnership that will either be your life’s greatest achievement or your most delightful challenge. Either way, married life in Calradia is anything but dull.

The Wedding Bells are Ringing

Time to Tie the Knot

So, you’ve done the impossible: you’ve found someone in Calradia who doesn’t want to take you down with a battle-axe. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but you did it! Now, what? Time to tie the knot, of course! But unlike your cousin’s wedding, where the hardest part was avoiding Aunt Karen, the medieval matrimony in Bannerlord involves a few more steps. In-game, this mostly boils down to a dialog box and that delightful dowry we talked about earlier, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

What’s the Big Deal About Weddings?

You might be thinking, “Why should I care about the wedding? Just get me to the part where I get to raise an army of pint-sized warriors!” Hold on there, eager beaver! The wedding is more than just a formality; it’s your entry ticket to family life in the game. Plus, there’s a kind of poetic beauty in standing beside your betrothed, overlooking your lands, and thinking, “This is the start of something epic.” And if you’re all about that role-playing life, why not make the most of it? Throw on your finest armor, grab the fanciest goblet of wine, and savor the moment.

A Union of Houses

In Calradia, a wedding isn’t just about two people; it’s about the joining of two houses, or perhaps even two empires. Think of it like merging two mighty rivers—it’s going to have a ripple effect. This union can give you a diplomatic edge, strengthen alliances, or even turn sworn enemies into somewhat distant relatives. So, in the grand scheme of things, your wedding is a monumental event that will echo throughout your gameplay. You’re not just saying “I do” to a spouse; you’re saying “I do” to a whole new set of possibilities.

A wedding in Bannerlord isn’t just a hitch in your step; it’s a leap into the great unknown of family life. As the saying goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!”

Home Sweet Home: Creating a Safe Environment

Your Castle, Your Sanctuary

Alright, you’ve won the heart, tied the knot, and now you’re looking at the horizon of your new life together. But hold on a sec—before the baby rattles and lullabies, you’ll need a place to call home. In the real world, that might mean house-hunting and mortgage loans, but in Bannerlord, it means capturing or purchasing a castle or a city. Think of your residence as a nest: it needs to be safe, secure, and far from the reach of any would-be invaders. After all, you don’t want to bring up baby in the middle of a war zone, do you?

Pick a Place, Any Place?

Ah, if only it were that simple! In Bannerlord, the location of your home has real strategic value. Choose a city deep within your empire’s territory, and you’ll have a safe haven—but maybe too safe, tucked away from the action. Opt for a border castle, and life will be more exciting, sure, but you’ll be constantly fending off threats. It’s like choosing between a peaceful countryside cottage and a bustling city apartment; each has its perks and pitfalls.

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Renovations and Preparations

Once you’ve picked the perfect place, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. In Bannerlord, you can manage your estate, improve its defenses, and even develop its economy. A well-fortified home isn’t just a stronghold; it’s a symbol of your growing legacy. Plus, it’s the perfect setting for the family portrait you’ll hang above the mantle—once someone invents photography, that is.

Finding and fortifying your home in Bannerlord is like laying the cornerstone of a castle. It’s the first, crucial step in building a family legacy that will withstand the tests of time—and the onslaught of enemies.

Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees

How Babies Happen in Bannerlord: No Storks Involved

Alright, the stage is set. You’ve got the ring, the residence, and a heart full of love—or at least, a strategic alliance that’s looking pretty promising. Now comes the part that’s as old as time: making a baby. But this isn’t health class, and there won’t be any awkward diagrams. In Bannerlord, conception is all about, well, just spending time with your spouse. That’s right! All you’ve got to do is keep your character and your spouse in the same party for a while. Think of it as a prolonged honeymoon—sword fights by day, candlelit dinners by night. Ah, romance!

The Waiting Game

The birds do their thing, the bees do theirs, and then you wait. And no, there’s no medieval pregnancy test you can buy at the local apothecary. Instead, you’ll get a notification telling you that you’re expecting a bundle of joy. The actual in-game time for a pregnancy to reach term is around two seasons, which translates to about 18 in-game days. In other words, you’ll have just enough time to redecorate the nursery before your mini-me arrives.

Diapers Not Included

And then, like a sunrise following the darkest night, your child arrives in the world of Calradia. There’s no baby shower or maternity leave in medieval times, but that doesn’t make the moment any less special. Your heir will initially appear as a non-playable character in your family tree, and you won’t have to worry about changing diapers or late-night feedings. But don’t let that fool you—raising a child in Bannerlord is no walk in the park.

The dance of love and marriage eventually leads to this: a new life that’s both a reflection of you and a promise of things to come. But while the birds and the bees might make it seem simple, the journey of parenthood is anything but. So now that the baby’s here, what’s next? Well, brace yourselves, because it’s time to step into the demanding, but utterly rewarding, world of Bannerlord parenting.

Parenting in Bannerlord: More Than Just Cute Faces

Raising Little Warriors

So, you’ve got yourself a bouncing baby Bannerlord! And as cute as those pixelated cheeks are, let’s not forget: this is Calradia, where even toddlers probably know how to wield a dagger—or at least, they will. In the game, your children gradually grow up, and just like you, they have stats and skills that can be developed. Think of them as your most personal projects, only these projects can eventually wear armor and lead armies.

Keeping the Family Together

Life in Calradia is as unpredictable as a weather vane in a tornado. You’ve got wars, alliances, betrayals—the whole medieval soap opera. To make sure your family sticks together through thick and thin, it’s crucial to keep them close, at least initially. Assign your spouse or older children as party leaders or governors, and you’ll not only strengthen your kingdom but also cultivate the next generation of leaders. Remember, the family that raids together, stays together!

The Heir and the Spare

As your family grows, you’ll want to think about the line of succession. “Why?” you ask. Well, this is a harsh world, and nobody’s guaranteed a tomorrow. Designate your heirs carefully, because these are the folks who’ll pick up the torch if your character shuffles off the mortal coil. It’s like making a will, but with more swords and less paperwork.

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Raising a family in Bannerlord is a saga all its own—a rollercoaster of ups, downs, and loop-de-loops. But whether they become governors, generals, or just good ol’ adventurers, your children are more than just NPCs; they’re the future, molded in your image yet uniquely their own. So, keep your swords sharp and your wits sharper, because parenting in Calradia is a quest that never truly ends.

Balancing the Crown and the Cradle: Family Management

Juggling Act: Kingdom and Kids

Ah, the perennial struggle—how to be both a world-conquering hero and a responsible parent. It’s like trying to hold a wolf by the ears; you can’t manage it forever, but you also don’t want to let go. Thankfully, Bannerlord offers several mechanisms to help you keep an eye on your family without compromising your ambitions. You can appoint family members to important positions, send them on missions, or even have them lead armies. In essence, you can involve them in your conquests, making it a family affair!

A Stronghold of Support

Ever heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, in Bannerlord, it might take an entire castle—or at least, the assortment of companions, soldiers, and advisors milling about. Appointing a good governor (maybe even your spouse) to the place your family calls home ensures that your kids are growing up in a stable environment. It’s like having a super nanny, but with better armor.

Crisis Management 101

Being a parent means dealing with crises, both big and small. In the game, this could be anything from a family member getting captured to disputes between your children. How you handle these situations will not only affect your family’s stats but also their loyalty to you. Ignore them, and you might just find your family ties fraying like an old rope.

Managing a kingdom and a family might seem like spinning plates while riding a unicycle, but it’s not an impossible feat. With a little foresight, some delegation, and maybe a dash of luck, you can create a family legacy that rivals any empire. Remember, a well-managed family isn’t just your backup; they’re your backbone.

Think you’ve got a handle on Bannerlord family life? Great! Let’s wrap things up and go over what we’ve learned.

Key Takeaways: Ruling Hearts and Lands

By now, you’re practically a Bannerlord family guru, ready to conquer not just fortresses, but also the uncharted realm of digital parenting. To recap, here are the essential nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Marriage Matters: Your choice of spouse isn’t just about romance; it’s a strategic move with long-lasting consequences.
  2. Home is Where the Heart is: A secure and well-located home sets the stage for a thriving family.
  3. The Waiting Game: Once married, just spend time with your spouse to hear the pitter-patter of little feet.
  4. Train ’em Young: Your kids aren’t just cute; they’re your legacy, so raise them to be leaders.
  5. Balance is Key: Managing both an empire and a family is tough, but delegation and attention can make it work.

See? Life in Calradia might be rife with battles and betrayals, but it also offers the joys and challenges of family. So as you gallop into the sunset, sword in hand and child in tow, remember: the most important kingdom you’ll ever rule is the one you build with the people you love.

FAQ: Quick Answers to Burning Questions

How do I get married in Bannerlord?

You’ll need to court a suitable partner by engaging in dialogues and completing quests. After a successful courtship, pay a dowry to seal the deal.

How long does it take for a baby to be born in the game?

Expect a new addition to your family after about 18 in-game days, or roughly two seasons.

Can my children die in the game?

Yes, it’s a tough world out there. Be sure to protect and train them well.

And there you have it, folks—the ultimate guide to family life in Bannerlord. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie looking to dive into the deep end, remember: in the world of Calradia, family is your ultimate quest. So go forth, be fruitful, and may your house reign supreme!

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