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Payday 2 is an action-packed cooperative first-person shooter that demands teamwork, strategy, and the right build to pull off the perfect heist. One popular and effective build that many players turn to is the dodge build. This build relies on speed and evasiveness, allowing players to avoid enemy gunfire and swiftly maneuver through the battlefield. In this article, we will discuss the best dodge build in Payday 2, using information found only on,,, and Let’s dive in and explore this powerful build.

Skill Trees and Perk Decks

The best dodge build in Payday 2 combines skills from multiple skill trees to maximize your dodge and survivability. Based on the sources mentioned earlier, the essential skill trees to invest in are Ghost, Fugitive, and Rogue. Additionally, the Rogue Perk Deck is the go-to choice for maximizing dodge chance.

Ghost Skills

The Ghost tree is crucial for increasing your dodge capabilities. The essential skills to invest in within the Ghost tree are:

  1. Duck and Cover (Aced) – Increases your dodge chance by 10% while sprinting.
  2. Parkour (Aced) – Improves your movement speed and allows you to sprint in any direction.
  3. Inner Pockets (Aced) – Increases concealment, which is essential for dodge builds.

Fugitive Skills

The Fugitive tree is focused on survivability and damage output, which is essential for a successful dodge build. Key skills within this tree include:

  1. Nine Lives (Aced) – Grants an extra down before going into custody and a 50% increase in bleed-out health.
  2. Swan Song (Aced) – When your health reaches 0, you can continue fighting for an additional 6 seconds without taking damage.
  3. Sneaky Bastard (Basic) – Increases dodge chance based on concealment, up to a maximum of 10%.
  4. Low Blow (Basic) – Grants critical hit chance based on concealment, up to a maximum of 30%.

Rogue Perk Deck

The Rogue Perk Deck is designed to maximize dodge chance, making it the ideal choice for this build. Key perks within this deck include:

  1. Subtle – Increases your dodge chance by 10%.
  2. Evasive – Further increases your dodge chance by 10% while sprinting.
  3. Shadow Warrior – Increases your dodge chance by 5% for each 3 points of concealment under 35.

Weapons and Mods

Your choice of weapons and mods is essential for maintaining a high concealment level, which in turn increases your dodge chance. Recommended weapons and mods include:

Primary Weapon: Cavity 9mm or CAR-4

  1. Cavity 9mm – High damage output and low concealment make it an excellent choice for a dodge build. Mods: Low Profile Suppressor, Accuracy Boost, and Compact Laser Module.
  2. CAR-4 – Versatile and easily modified for concealment, making it another great option. Mods: Short Barrel, Low Profile Suppressor, and Compact Laser Module.

Secondary Weapon: Judge Shotgun or 5/7 AP Pistol

  1. Judge Shotgun – High damage output and good concealment, perfect for close-range engagements. Mods: Silent Killer Suppressor and HE Rounds.
  2. 5/7 AP Pistol – Effective at taking down shields and dealing with groups of enemies. Mods: TiN Treated Barrel, Champion’s Silencer, and Micro Laser.

Melee Weapon: Electrical Brass Knuckles or Kunai Knife

  1. Electrical Brass Knuckles – Useful for stunning enemies, providing crowd control in tight situations.
  2. Kunai Knife – Deals poison damage, which can be useful for taking down tougher enemies over time.

Equipment: First Aid Kits or Doctor Bags

  1. First Aid Kits – Useful for quickly restoring health during intense battles.
  2. Doctor Bags – Essential for replenishing downs during longer heists.

Armor: Two-Piece Suit

The Two-Piece Suit is the best choice for dodge builds, as it provides the highest dodge chance and lowest concealment.

payday 2 suit

Playstyle and Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of the dodge build, you should adopt a specific playstyle and follow a few key tips:

  1. Stay Mobile: As a dodge build, your survivability relies on your ability to move quickly and evade enemy fire. Stay on the move and utilize your increased movement speed to navigate the battlefield.
  2. Utilize Cover: Even with a high dodge chance, it’s essential to use cover to minimize the risk of taking damage. Use cover to reload, heal, or plan your next move.
  3. Aim for Headshots: With the Low Blow skill providing critical hit chance, aiming for headshots will significantly increase your damage output and help you take down enemies more quickly.
  4. Communicate with Your Team: Coordinate with your teammates to ensure they are aware of your build and playstyle. This will help your team adapt their strategies and maximize the effectiveness of your dodge build.
  5. Conserve Ammo: Dodge builds typically have lower ammo capacities, so make every shot count. Pick up ammo from fallen enemies and coordinate with your team to ensure you have enough to last through the heist.


The best dodge build in Payday 2 revolves around the Ghost and Fugitive skill trees, the Rogue Perk Deck, and carefully selected weapons, mods, and equipment that emphasize high concealment and mobility. By following the guidelines in this article, you will be well-equipped to dodge enemy fire, deliver devastating damage, and survive the most challenging heists. Keep in mind that your playstyle, communication, and ability to adapt to changing situations will play a crucial role in your success. Now, gear up and get ready to execute the perfect heist!

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