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Stardew Valley is a delightful farming simulation game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. One of the game’s most engaging features is the ability to raise and care for fish in your very own fish pond. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the world of fish ponds in Stardew Valley, exploring the best fish for your pond and sharing some tips to maximize your pond’s productivity.

What is a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley?

A Fish Pond is a farm building that allows you to raise fish and harvest their valuable resources. By constructing a fish pond on your farm, you can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, but also generate a steady income by selling the fish and their byproducts.

Fish ponds are unlocked at Farming Level 1 and can be built by Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. Each pond can hold up to 10 fish, and as your fish population grows, so too does the potential for higher returns on your investment.

Now that you know what a fish pond is, let’s dive into the topic of which fish are the best for your pond.

Best Fish for Fish Pond Stardew

What is the Best Fish for Fish Pond in Stardew Valley?

There are numerous fish species available in Stardew Valley, each with its own unique attributes and potential resources. Selecting the best fish for your pond depends on your goals, playstyle, and in-game resources. Here, we will outline the top fish options, taking into consideration factors such as profit, ease of acquisition, and potential resources.

1. Sturgeon

The Sturgeon is a highly sought-after fish due to its ability to produce Caviar when placed in a fish pond. Caviar is an artisan good that sells for a high price and is also used in several high-quality recipes. Sturgeon can be caught in the Mountain Lake during summer and winter, making them a relatively accessible option for your fish pond.

2. Lava Eel

The elusive Lava Eel is a rare fish found in the Lava Lake at level 100 of the mines. Although difficult to catch, Lava Eels are well worth the effort, as they provide valuable resources such as Spicy Eel (a dish that increases luck and speed) and Lava Eel Roe (a profitable fish roe). Their rarity and potential for high returns make them an excellent choice for your fish pond.

3. Blobfish

Found only in the submarine fishing area of Ginger Island, the peculiar Blobfish is a unique addition to your pond. Blobfish can produce Blobfish Roe and Pearls, which fetch a high price at the market. While not as profitable as Sturgeon or Lava Eel, Blobfish are a fun and quirky option that can still generate a substantial income.

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4. Super Cucumber

The vibrant Super Cucumber is another interesting choice for your fish pond. This deep-sea creature can be caught in the ocean during summer and fall. Super Cucumbers produce valuable resources such as Super Cucumber Roe and Iridium Ore, which is essential for crafting various high-end equipment. Although not as profitable as some of the other options, the Super Cucumber offers a unique twist to your pond and provides valuable crafting materials.

5. Rainbow Trout

If you are looking for a more accessible and easy-to-maintain option, consider the Rainbow Trout for your fish pond. These fish can be caught in rivers during summer, making them a readily available choice. Rainbow Trout produce Rainbow Trout Roe, which sells for a decent price. While not the most lucrative option, Rainbow Trout are a low-maintenance choice that can still generate income for your farm.

Best Fish for Fish Pond Stardew 1

Best Fish for Making Caviar

As mentioned earlier, Sturgeon is the top choice for producing Caviar in Stardew Valley. Once you have Sturgeon in your fish pond, they will begin to produce Sturgeon Roe. To transform Sturgeon Roe into the more valuable Caviar, simply place the roe in a Preserves Jar. Caviar can then be sold or used in various recipes, making it a versatile and profitable addition to your farm.

Tips for Maximizing Fish Pond Productivity

To make the most of your fish pond, consider these helpful tips:

  1. Focus on one fish species per pond: This allows you to streamline production and maximize the output of valuable resources. Mixing fish species in a single pond can reduce overall productivity.
  2. Increase fish population: Make sure to have the maximum number of fish in your pond to improve resource production. Each fish pond can hold up to 10 fish, so ensure you have a full population to get the best results.
  3. Monitor pond quests: Occasionally, your fish will request specific items in exchange for increased population or resource production. Pay attention to these quests and fulfill them promptly to keep your fish pond thriving.
  4. Upgrade your fishing skill: As you progress in the game, improving your fishing skill will make it easier to catch rare and valuable fish for your pond. Investing time in fishing will ultimately pay off with a more productive fish pond.
  5. Use bait and tackle: Equip your fishing rod with bait and tackle to increase your chances of catching the fish you want for your pond. Different tackle types can help with specific fish species or make the fishing mini-game easier.
  6. Plan your farm layout: Make sure your fish pond is located near other farm buildings and resources that will help support its productivity. For example, placing your pond near Preserves Jars for Caviar production or near chests to store valuable resources can save time and increase efficiency.
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By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your fish pond’s productivity and enjoy the numerous benefits that these aquatic creatures bring to your Stardew Valley farm.

Best Fish for Profiting

When it comes to maximizing profit from your fish pond in Stardew Valley, some fish species offer greater earning potential than others. To help you decide which fish to focus on for the most significant financial returns, we’ve compiled a list of the best fish for profiting.

1. Sturgeon

As mentioned earlier in this guide, Sturgeon is one of the most profitable fish for your pond. The primary reason for this is their ability to produce Caviar. Caviar is a valuable artisan good that can be sold for a high price or used in high-quality recipes. Acquiring a steady supply of Caviar from your Sturgeon-filled fish pond is an excellent way to increase your farm’s income.

2. Lava Eel

The Lava Eel, although challenging to catch, offers substantial financial rewards. These fish produce Lava Eel Roe and Spicy Eel – a dish that increases luck and speed. Both of these products can be sold for a good price, making Lava Eels a top choice for players looking to maximize profit from their fish pond.

3. Blobfish

While not as profitable as Sturgeon or Lava Eel, Blobfish are still a solid choice for generating income. Blobfish produce Blobfish Roe and the highly valuable Pearls, which can be sold for a considerable sum. If you’re willing to venture to Ginger Island to catch these unusual creatures, adding Blobfish to your pond can provide a steady source of income.

4. Super Cucumber

Super Cucumbers are another option for players looking to generate profit from their fish pond. They produce Super Cucumber Roe and occasionally Iridium Ore. While not as lucrative as Sturgeon or Lava Eel, the Super Cucumber’s unique resources can still be sold for a decent price, making them a worthwhile addition to your pond.

5. Pufferfish

The Pufferfish, found in the ocean during summer, can be a profitable addition to your fish pond. Pufferfish produce Pufferfish Roe, which can be sold or used in recipes. Moreover, the fish themselves are valuable and can be used in crafting the Farm Warp Totem. Although not the most profitable option, Pufferfish are a versatile choice that can contribute to your farm’s income.

6. Midnight Squid

The elusive Midnight Squid, found in the submarine fishing area of Ginger Island, can be another source of income when added to your fish pond. Midnight Squid produce Midnight Squid Ink, a resource used in crafting the Seafoam Pudding recipe, which provides a significant fishing skill.

Best Fish for Collecting Precious Items

In addition to generating income, fish ponds in Stardew Valley can also yield rare and valuable items. These precious resources can be used for crafting, upgrading tools, or completing various in-game quests. Here are some of the best fish for collecting precious items:

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1. Blobfish

As mentioned earlier, the quirky Blobfish is a prime choice for collecting precious items. Not only do they produce Blobfish Roe, but they also occasionally yield Pearls. Pearls are valuable items that can be sold for a high price or used to craft a Pearl Necklace, a unique accessory in the game.

2. Super Cucumber

Super Cucumbers are another excellent choice for obtaining valuable resources. These vibrant fish not only produce Super Cucumber Roe but also occasionally offer Iridium Ore. Iridium Ore is an essential resource for crafting various high-end equipment and upgrading your tools to the highest tier.

3. Lava Eel

Lava Eels, while primarily known for their profit-generating capabilities, can also provide rare and precious items. Occasionally, Lava Eels produce Magma Geodes from their pond. These geodes contain a variety of valuable minerals and resources, which can be used for crafting or sold for profit.

4. Void Salmon

Void Salmon, found in the Witch’s Swamp, offer an opportunity to collect unique items when placed in a fish pond. In addition to producing Void Salmon Roe, these fish occasionally yield Void Essence. Void Essence is a valuable resource used in crafting a variety of items, such as the Mega Bomb and Wicked Statues. It can also be used to upgrade weapons and is required for certain quests.

5. Ice Pip

The Ice Pip, a rare fish found in the frozen levels (40-79) of the mines, is another option for obtaining precious items. When placed in a fish pond, Ice Pips can occasionally produce Frozen Geodes. These geodes contain a variety of valuable resources and minerals, which can be used in crafting, upgrading tools, or sold for profit.

6. Slimejack

Slimejack is an interesting fish species found in the Mutant Bug Lair. These fish are unique because they can produce Green Slime Eggs when placed in a fish pond. Green Slime Eggs can be hatched in a Slime Hutch, allowing you to raise slimes for various resources and items, such as Slime Balls and Petrifed Slime.

By focusing on these fish species for your fish pond, you can accumulate a collection of rare and valuable items that can enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you use these precious resources for crafting, upgrading tools, or completing quests, these fish will undoubtedly contribute to the overall success and enjoyment of your Stardew Valley farm.


In Stardew Valley, fish ponds offer an exciting opportunity to diversify your farm, generate income, and collect rare and valuable items. By carefully selecting the best fish species for your pond, you can create a thriving aquatic ecosystem that aligns with your goals and enhances your gameplay experience. Whether you prioritize profit, precious items, or a combination of both, the wide variety of fish in Stardew Valley ensures that there’s something for every player. So, with your fishing rod in hand, embark on a fulfilling journey to discover the ideal fish for your pond, and watch as your farm flourishes with the unique resources and charm that only a well-curated fish pond can provide. Happy fishing and may your farm prosper!

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