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In “Dark and Darker“, players embark on a journey through treacherous dungeons in search of valuable treasures alongside their friends. As the game’s launch date draws near, many are curious about the number of players who can participate in a single game. Venturing into the dungeons alone is not recommended, as you’ll face opposition from other adventurers groups, so fully knowing how many people can play Dark and Darker together will give you a step up in banding together friends for an inedible experience.

This guide will provide information on the maximum number of players that can join in a game of Dark and Darker simultaneously. Alternivately, check out our beginner’s guide.

What is Dark and Darker?

A wealth beyond measure awaits those daring and foolish enough to venture into the ruined depths of a historic fortress. Join forces with your companions, relying on bravery, intellect, and strategy to uncover mythical riches, conquer fearsome beasts, and outwit other cunning treasure hunters. But the real challenge begins when it’s time to escape with your loot. Locate secret escape routes before the engulfing darkness claims your spoils and your life to add to its insatiable collection.

Max Group Size in Dark and Darker

Max Group Size in Dark and Darker “Dark and Darker” allows players to form a team of up to three individuals, including themselves, to delve into the dungeons. Thus, each group can consist of a maximum of three players, regardless of the dungeon’s type or difficulty level.

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How many people can play Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker Lobby Capacity

Each party in “Dark and Darker” can consist of three players. However, multiple parties can enter a single dungeon, with up to six teams allowed during a match. This results in a maximum of 18 players in a “Dark and Darker” match. In the High-Roller map, the maximum number of players in the lobby can reach 20.

The latest playtest build of “Dark and Darker” has been made available to players, but the official release date is set for later this year. Changes to the number of players allowed in a dungeon at one time may occur before the full game is released. As of now, the number has remained constant throughout the playtests conducted by IRONMACE.

That concludes the information on the number of players that can participate in a single “Dark and Darker” match. While a party can have up to three players, a game can accommodate up to six parties, totalling 18 players. We will update you if any changes are made to this number.

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