How to Get a Horse Stardew Valley
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Giddy up, farmers! It’s time to talk about one of the most useful and charming features in Stardew Valley: horses. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about horses in this beloved indie game, from building a stable on your farm to the benefits of having a trusty steed by your side. So, saddle up and get ready to ride!

What Is a Horse in Stardew Valley?

Horses are adorable, four-legged companions that make getting around your farm and the surrounding areas a breeze. Not only do they look cool, but they also double your speed, letting you cover more ground in less time. And who doesn’t want a little extra efficiency in their day-to-day farming life?

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Building a Stable on Your Farm

The first step in getting a horse in Stardew Valley is to build a stable. You can’t just find a wild horse and ride it into the sunset, sadly. Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Reach Farming Level 2: Before you can even think about horses, you need to reach Farming Level 2. This will unlock the recipe for a stable, allowing you to build one on your farm.
  2. Gather Materials: To build a stable, you’ll need 100 hardwood, 5 iron bars, and 10,000 gold. Start collecting these materials early on, so you’re prepared when the time comes.
  3. Visit Robin the Carpenter: With your materials in hand, head to Robin’s Carpenter Shop, located north of Pelican Town. Select the “Construct Farm Buildings” option and choose the stable from the list of available buildings.
  4. Pick a Spot: Find a suitable location on your farm for your stable. Keep in mind that it takes up a 4×2 space and cannot be moved once it’s built.
  5. Wait for Construction: Robin will take three days to build your stable, so be patient. Once it’s completed, you’ll find your new horse waiting for you inside!
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Horses as Mobility Boosters in Stardew Valley

As mentioned earlier, having a horse in Stardew Valley can greatly improve your mobility. Here are some key advantages of owning a horse:

  • Faster Travel: With a horse, you can get around the game’s vast world twice as fast. This is particularly helpful when you’re trying to reach far-off locations like the Desert, the Quarry, or the Secret Woods.
  • No Energy Cost: Running and sprinting can drain your energy quickly, but riding a horse doesn’t consume any energy at all. This means you can spend more time tending to your crops, fishing, or mining without worrying about running out of steam.
  • Access to Horse-Only Paths: There are certain shortcuts and paths that only horses can traverse. Having a horse will give you access to these hidden routes, making it even easier to get around the world of Stardew Valley.

Horses as Pets in Stardew Valley

While horses serve a practical purpose in Stardew Valley, they’re also delightful pets that can bring a smile to your face. Here are some fun facts about your equine companions:

  • Naming Your Horse: When you build a stable, you’ll have the chance to name your horse. Choose a name that reflects your personality or simply makes you giggle.
  • Customizing Your Horse: Want to make your horse stand out from the rest? Equip it with a unique saddle or saddlebag, available for purchase from Mr. Qi’s shop at Qi’s Walnut Room.
  • Horse Whistle: Starting with the 1.5 update, you can find the Horse Whistle in Mr. Qi’s shop as well. This handy item allows you to call your horse to your side from almost anywhere on the map, making it even more convenient to have a trusty steed.
  • Horse Affection: While horses don’t have a traditional heart meter like other animals and villagers in Stardew Valley, they do still appreciate your attention. Make a habit of petting your horse daily, and you’ll be rewarded with a happy, loyal companion.
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Tips for Making the Most of Your Horse in Stardew Valley

Now that you know how to get a horse and what they bring to the table, let’s talk about some tips for maximizing your horse-owning experience:

  • Plan Your Day: With increased mobility, you can do more in a single day. Plan your daily activities strategically, taking advantage of your horse’s speed to make the most of your time.
  • Use Your Horse for Fishing Trips: Fishing can be a lucrative way to spend your time in Stardew Valley, but many prime fishing spots are far from your farm. Bring your horse along to reach these distant locations quickly and maximize your fishing haul.
  • Keep Your Horse Close: When you’re out and about, make sure to bring your horse along, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. You never know when you might need to make a quick escape from a dangerous situation, like an unexpected monster encounter in the mines.
  • Don’t Forget to Hitch: If you’re worried about losing your horse while exploring, make use of the hitching posts found throughout the game. Simply walk up to a hitching post and press the interact button to secure your horse, ensuring it stays put while you go about your business.


Owning a horse in Stardew Valley is not only a great way to improve your mobility, but it’s also a delightful addition to your farm life. By building a stable, caring for your horse, and utilizing its many benefits, you’ll find yourself enjoying your time in this charming pixelated world even more. So what are you waiting for? Saddle up, and let’s ride off into the sunset!

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