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For those who are new to World of Warcraft, or those who have returned after a significant break, you may be wondering how to disable your helm. There’s a lot of reasons as to why you’d want to, due to the aesthetic nature of your gear, or that you simply don’t like your character wearing one. Either way, we have you covered. Whether you’re playing retail or classic, read on to learn how to hide your helm in WoW.

Retail Players

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If you’re a retail WoW player, hiding your helm is a little more effort than it once was. If you played a few years ago, you’d remember that there was a couple of options in the settings that would disable your helm and cloak.

However, these days, those options are now tied in with the transmog NPC. These NPCs are scattered across the world, and are found in most major cities. For a small price, you can not only hide your helm and cloak, but change the appearance of your whole gear completely.

When in a major city, speak to a guard and select the option for the transmogrifier. A small waypoint will be placed on your map, leading you to it. The questest way to get to a transmog NPC is to use your Legion Dalaran Hearthstone, and visit the NPC there, near the Enchanting trainer. This is what I do personally, especially as a Horde player.

However, if you want a quick reference for the main transmog NPCs, we have compiled a list of some of them below.

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Warpweaver HashomStormwind CityA
Warpweaver DusharOrgrimmarH
Warpweaver HayriDazar’alorA H
Warpweaver TuvissDalaranA H
Mystic BirdhatKun-Lai SummitA H
Warpweaver TuvissLunarfallA
Warpweaver EzilBoralusA
Warpweaver JasorWarspearH
Warpweaver ShafieeShrine of Two Moons, Vale of Eternal BlossomsH
Warpweaver ShalStormshieldA
Warpweaver FarshlahFrostwallH
Warpweaver RamaheshShrine of Seven Stars, Vale of Eternal BlossomsA H
Netherguard TransmogrifierTelogrus RiftA

If you have a lot of excess gold, and wish to have an easier solution than running to the transmog NPC every time you get a new helmet, then consider purchasing the mount that has the transmog NPC attached to it.

Classic Players

classic remove helm wow

For those who play on Classic or Vanilla servers, you have a much easier time. Everything you need to do is right in the settings, and can be done at any time.

Simply do the following:

  1. Press Esc
  2. Interface Options
  3. Display
  4. Show Helm (or Cloak too)

Closing Thoughts

Personally, I quite often disable my helmet, as I don’t like the look of most of them. I like to see my characters face, as I usually bond with my characters quite a lot, and it makes me feel more connected to them. I also feel like real heroes don’t wear anything to cover their face. The main exception to this rule, for me, is if I obtain a very rare or awesome looking helmet. For the majority of the player base, I’d assume that they disable their helm just because they think it looks bad. There are quite a lot of terrible looking models in WoW, but there are also lots of very epic looking ones.

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For Shadowlands and beyond, it looks like the same transmog system will be used to hide equipment, just as it has been for the last few years. It’s unlikely to change, but with Blizzard’s track record for swapping things out for no reason, who knows. If the method to hide your helm does change in the future, we will update this article accordingly.

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