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Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated RPG game set in the wizarding world, has players eager to learn more about the spells they’ll be able to cast in the game. With a vast array of spells to choose from, players will have the opportunity to experience the magic of Hogwarts like never before.

In this guide, we will explore some of the spells that will be featured in Hogwarts Legacy and provide tips on how to master them.

Control Spells

Control spells give players the ability to manipulate their surroundings and adversaries. With these spells, players can move objects and foes to cause damage or interact with their environment. Furthermore, the spells can be utilized to neutralize enemies, secure objects, or even launch them away. Control Spells provide a formidable way to explore the game world and overcome obstacles, making them a crucial aspect of the game. Spellcasting serves as a combat mechanism that grants players the capacity to execute a diverse range of offensive, defensive, or supportive actions.

ARRESTO MOMENTUMSlows both objects and enemies, giving you extra time to plan your next move.Complete: Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2
GLACIUSFreezes enemies, increasing the damage they take from follow-up attacksComplete: Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1
LEVIOSOLevitates objects and enemies. Useful for solving puzzles and surprising enemies alike.Can be learned at the Defence against the Dark Arts Class quest by following the symbol’s path
TRANSFORMATIONTransforms objects and enemies into alternate forms, whether puzzle solutions or harmless knickknacks.Complete: Professor Weasley’s Assignment

Damage Spells

Hogwarts Legacy introduces a potent spell known as Damage Spells, or Offensive Spells. These spells serve as a formidable weapons for players in combat. By casting these spells, players can inflict damage and defeat enemies, with options such as fireballs and lightning strikes at their disposal. These spells enable players to dominate the battlefield and gain a strategic advantage over other wizards and creatures. With a multitude of offensive spells available, players can experiment and find the ideal spell that matches their playstyle.

BOMBARDADeals heavy damage on impact, accompanied by an explosion that can destroy heavy obstacles and hit surrounding enemies.Complete:  Professor Howin’s Assignment
CONFRINGOA long-range bolt that deals damage on impact. Enemies hit with fire-based attacks will continue to take damage for a few seconds, during which time collisions will result in incendiary bursts.Complete: In the Shadow of the Undercroft
DIFFINDOSlashes objects and enemies from afar dealing considerable damage.Complete:  Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2
EXPELLIARMUSDisarms wands and weapons from most enemies who wield them. Also deals damage to all enemies, even if they do not carry a weaponComplete: Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2
INCENDIOIt can be used to harm Enemies, to set objects on fire and get rid of them, or even to light a torch to create more light.Complete: Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1

Essential Spells

In Hogwarts Legacy, players have the opportunity to unlock Essential Spells as they progress through the story. These spells can be easily accessed anytime using the left D-pad on a controller. These spells play a crucial role in advancing through the game and solving challenges. Once learned, players can use them at their leisure without having to rely on the Spell Diamond. By unlocking these Essential Spells, players gain access to powerful tools to enhance their gameplay experience.

ALOHOMORAGrants access to a variety of locked rooms and containers throughout the world, but requires magical prowess to perform successfully. The Man Behind the Moons quest
ANCIENT MAGICWhen at least one segment of your Ancient Magic Meter is full. you can cast devastating Ancient Magic attacks that deal massive damage and break Shield Charms. Complete Welcome to Hogsmeade Main Quest
ANCIENT MAGIC THROWSummons and then throws special environmental objects at the targeted enemy. Particularly useful for breaking through Shield Charms. Complete Welcome to Hogsmeade Main Quest
BASIC CASTDeals minor damage to enemies and objects. The Path to Hogwarts Main Quest
PETRIFICUS TOTALUSPowerful enough to bind most enemies permanently. but more dangerous foes will only take some damage and then quickly break free from the effect. Secrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest
PROTEGOProtects against a variety of attacks, including spell casts, weapon strikes, and more. Cast with triangle hogwarts legacy fextralife wiki guide.
Waiting to cast Protego until the last moment before an impact results in a Perfect Protego that damages melee attackers and reflects projectiles back, breaking enemy shields.
During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts
REVELIOHighlights a variety of useful and interactive targets in the world, including hidden objects, puzzle items, loot, enemies, and more. During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts
STUPEFYStuns enemies, making them easy targets for follow-up spells. It deals no direct damage but stunned enemies take extra damage, indicated by gold numbers. It also breaks enemy Shield Charms (except on Hard difficulty). During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts

Force Spells

Force Spells in Hogwarts Legacy allow players to exert their influence over objects, enemies, and even their environment. Some examples of these spells include Leviosa, Wingardium Leviosa, and Reparo. Each spell boasts its own special abilities and outcomes that can be employed in a multitude of ways. Perfecting the use of Force Spells gives players a tactical advantage in combat and unlocks their full potential in this magical realm. Whether used for puzzle-solving or for taking down opponents, Force Spells offer players a wealth of opportunities to control and shape their surroundings.

ACCIOSummons a variety of objects and enemies to close range. Certain magical and heavy objects require sustained effort to pull close. When a summoned object reaches you, you will automatically cast Wingardium Leviosa to continue levitating and controlling it without the need for additional button inputs.Charms Class quest
DEPULSORepels many types of objects and enemies with considerable force. Although it deals no direct damage to foes, enemies and objects alike can be launched into each other with destructive results. Also useful for pushing and spinning objects for a variety of purposes.Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1
DESCENDODeals no direct damage, but objects and enemies that are slammed to the ground will suffer considerable impact damage. Airborne enemies will take even greater damage upon hitting the ground.Professor Onai’s Assignment
FLIPENDOFlips objects and enemies upwards and backwards. With its short cooldown, it is excellent for setting up and extending juggles. Its ability to flip objects instantly is useful for solving puzzles and exploiting certain enemies’ weaknesses.Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2

Transfiguration Spells

Transfiguration Spells in Hogwarts Legacy are versatile tools that can be utilized by aspiring wizards in the Room of Requirement for various purposes. These spells offer players the ability to transform objects and beings, providing a range of applications that can be used for various challenges and tasks. Whether it’s for solving puzzles or for navigating the game world, Transfiguration Spells offer players a powerful and flexible tool for mastering the magic of Hogwarts Legacy.

ALTERING SPELLAlter the physical forms and features of items when cast within the Room of Requirement.Complete Interior Decorating Side Quest
CONJURING SPELLConjures items into existence when cast within the Room of Requirement.Complete The Room of Requirement Main Quest
EVANESCOVanishes items and returns moonstone when cast within the Room of Requirement.Complete The Room of Requirement Main Quest

Unforgivable Curses

In the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy, the Unforgivable Curses are spells feared by all. These spells are considered to be among the most dangerous and potent in the magical realm. The three Unforgivable Curses are the Cruciatus Curse, which brings unbearable pain; the Imperius Curse, which grants the caster control over the victim; and the Killing Curse, which causes instantaneous death. These spells are not to be taken lightly and their use is heavily regulated in the wizarding world. Understanding the power of the Unforgivable Curses is key to grasping the dangerous nature of magic in Hogwarts Legacy.

AVADA KEDAVRAKills enemies instantly.It can be unlocked during a side mission involving Sebastian Sallow.
CRUCIOCauses most enemies to writhen in pain as they take damage over time. Also curses the victim – and cursed enemies take extra damage.Can be used in the  Dark Arts Battle Arena
IMPERIOTemporarily forces enemies to fight as if they were your companion. While under your control, they take reduced damage from other enemies to prolong their allegiance to you. Also curses the victim – and cursed enemies take extra damage.Can be used in the  Dark Arts Battle Arena

Utility Spells

DISILLUSIONMENTCauses you to blend into your surroundings, making it more difficult for others to perceive you. Perfect for sneaking or approaching enemies undetected to be able to cast Petrificus Totalus.Complete Secrets of the Restricted Section quest
LUMOSAllows you to see in dark areas or solve puzzles that require extra light.During the first Main Quest of the game, called The Path to Hogwarts
REPAROAllows you to quickly return certain damaged objects to thier former states.Complete Professor Ronen’s Assignment
WINGARDIUM LEVIOSALevitates and controls a movable object. Control its position with your movement to fine-tune its distance and rotation. Wingardium Leviosa is automatically cast on objects summoned to you with Accio.Complete Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1
BEAST PETTING BRUSHA brush that can be used to groom beastsGiven by Poppy Sweeting during Beasts Class
BEAST FEEDFood to feed beastsGiven by Poppy Sweeting during Beasts Class
NAB-SACKA charmed bag that can be used to rescue and hold beastsGiven by Deek during The Elf, the Nab-Sack and the Loom

Final thoughts

In conclusion, magic plays a vital role in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. From Control Spells that allow players to manipulate their environment and enemies, to Damage Spells that offer powerful combat options, to Utility Spells that provide practical solutions to challenges and puzzles, each type of spell offers its own unique benefits and opportunities for growth. With a vast array of spells available to master, players can hone their magical skills, unlock their full potential, and experience the exciting and captivating world of Hogwarts Legacy. Whether you are an aspiring wizard or a seasoned veteran, the magic of Hogwarts Legacy awaits you.

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