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Today, we’re going to talk about how to add more sockets to your necklace in World of Warcraft. If you’ve already made your necklace and it only has one socket, don’t worry, because there is a way to add more.

The item that you’re going to need is the Tiered Medallion Setting, which you can find on the auction house. These settings determine how many sockets you can add to your necklace. Each setting can only add one socket, so if you have two sockets already, you’ll need to use a two-star setting to add another socket. If you have only one socket, using a three-star setting will still only add one socket, giving you a total of two. The number of sockets you can add increases by one for each higher setting, up to a maximum of three.

To save yourself some gold, it’s best to buy the cheaper setting if you only need to add a second socket, and then buy the three-star setting when you need to add your third. Once you have the setting, simply use it on your necklace, and voila! You’ve added a socket.

Now that your necklace has three sockets, you can choose whatever gems you want to add to enhance your character. It’s that easy!

How to unlock the Tiered Medallion Setting

If you’re looking to unlock the Tiered Medallion Setting in Dragonflight so that you can add more sockets to your necklaces without buying it off of the Auction House here’s what you need to know:

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Firstly, the Tiered Medallion Setting is a new Jewelcrafting item that was discovered in Dragonflight Alpha, which allows players to add up to three sockets to their necklaces, as we covered already. To unlock this item, you’ll need to have a certain level of skill in Jewelcrafting. As a jewelcrafter, you start with the basic setting skill, which is the first skill you’ll start leveling in the tree. You’ll need to pump 25 points into this skill to unlock the various other levels.

Once you have the basic Setting skill, you can start working on unlocking higher levels. The Tiered Medallion Setting is a specialization item in Jewelcrafting, and you’ll need to reach a certain level of specialization to unlock it. To do this, you can level up your Jewelcrafting specialization skill by completing quests, crafting items, and using Jewelcrafting recipes. Once you’ve reached the appropriate level, the Tiered Medallion Setting will be available to craft.

To use the Tiered Medallion Setting, you’ll need to have a necklace with at least one socket in it. Using a bronze, silver, or gold setting on a necklace with zero sockets will add one socket to the necklace. Using a silver or gold setting on a necklace with one socket will add an additional socket, and using a gold setting on a necklace with two sockets will add a third socket.

What gems should I use?

Choosing the correct gem for your new triple-socketed necklace can be a little daunting if you’re a new player. The answer to this question completely changes depending on what class, specialization, or content you intend to do. We’d suggest that you find a knowledgeable player to copy, ask your guildmates, or check out a guide that focuses on what content you’re wanting to do.

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