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Elden Ring, a notable evolution from the Soulsborne series by FromSoftware.inc, offers a vast and immersive world for players to explore. The sheer size of the map can be overwhelming, but thankfully, the developers have introduced a horse for the Tarnished. This guide will walk you through the process of summoning your horse in Elden Ring, a crucial element for efficient exploration and an added layer to the gameplay mechanics.

The Importance of the Horse in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, your horse, known as the Torrent, is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s a magical entity that materializes beneath the player when the magical whistle is used. This feature significantly enhances the gameplay, especially for newcomers who might find the game’s vastness intimidating. The Torrent enables players to traverse large distances swiftly, making exploration more manageable and enjoyable.

Furthermore, the Torrent isn’t merely for travel. It also plays a vital role in combat, allowing players to launch attacks while mounted. This adds a new strategic dimension to the game, as players must decide when to utilize their horse in battle and when to engage on foot.

In the following section, we will delve into how to acquire a horse in Elden Ring, a process that isn’t as straightforward as it might initially appear.

How to Get a Horse in Elden Ring

Before you can summon your horse in Elden Ring, you first need to acquire it. The game doesn’t guide you directly to the horse, but the process isn’t as daunting as confronting the first boss in the game.

After you’ve crafted your character and completed the tutorial, you’ll be transported to the First Step Site of Grace in Limgrave. From there, you’ll need to cautiously make your way to the outskirts of the Stormgate castle. Be mindful of the Tree Sentinel that patrols near the campfire; it’s best to steer clear of him.

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From the Site of Grace, head northwest until you reach the Church of Elleh. From there, consult your map and follow the golden path in the northeast section until you spot an enemy campsite in the woods. It’s recommended to avoid conflict and sneak past the enemies, as you aren’t sufficiently powerful yet. Instead, continue along the golden path until you reach the Gatefront Site of Grace. Resting here will initiate a cutscene where Melina appears: accept her offer to receive the Spectral Steed Whistle.

However, you still need the Spirit Calling Bell to summon your horse. To get it, travel south of the Church of Elleh, rest at the Site of Grace, leave, and fast travel back to the Church Site of Grace. Renna will appear, speak with her, and inform her that you can summon the spectral steed. Doing so will grant you the Lone Wolf Spirit and the Spirit Calling Bell.

How to Summon the Horse in Elden Ring

With the Torrent and the Spirit Calling Bell in your possession, you’re ready to summon your horse. Elden Ring simplifies this process compared to other games like The Witcher 3. Instead of waiting for the horse to approach you, the Torrent materializes directly beneath you as soon as you press the summon button. However, there are certain limitations to summoning a horse, such as restrictions on riding the Torrent in specific areas.

To summon the horse in Elden Ring, navigate to the inventory menu and locate the Quick Items tab. Select any vacant slot and choose the Spectral Steed Whistle from your inventory. After this, all you need to do is press the relevant button assigned to the Spectral Steed Whistle slot to summon the Torrent. It’s advisable to permanently assign a Quick Items slot to the horse so that you can quickly summon him in dangerous situations.

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Benefits of the Torrent

The Torrent is not just a regular horse in Elden Ring. It offers several advantages that enhance your gameplay. For instance, riding the Torrent increases your speed, allows you to jump higher, and reduces the damage you take from falls. While you can still die from falling, the chances of survival are significantly higher when you’re on the Torrent.

Moreover, the Torrent has the ability to double jump. This ability can be used to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Additionally, you can attack your enemies while riding the horse. Simply press the attack button to strike the nearest enemy with your melee weapon. In essence, the Torrent is arguably the most versatile horse in the genre.

Resurrecting and Healing the Torrent

While the Torrent is a powerful ally, it’s not invincible. Your horse can lose HP if it’s attacked by an enemy or if you fall from a high place. If the Torrent takes too much damage, it can die. However, the horse can be resurrected after 10 seconds. To recover its HP, you can feed it raisins or rest at the nearest Site of Grace. You can craft raisins by gathering the orange-red Rowa Fruits found throughout the Lands Between. In any case, you’ll need to spend one Flask of Crimson Tears or rest at any Site of Grace to resurrect the Torrent after it dies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Heal the Torrent in Elden Ring?

To restore the Torrent’s health, you need to feed it Rowa Raisins. These can be crafted by collecting orange-red Rowa Fruits found throughout the Lands Between. Once you have the fruits, you can craft the raisins at any Site of Grace.

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What Should I Do If the Horse Dies in Elden Ring?

If the Torrent takes too much damage from enemy attacks or falls, it can die. However, the horse can be resurrected after 10 seconds. To do this, you’ll need to spend one Flask of Crimson Tears or rest at any Site of Grace. Once the Torrent is resurrected, you can restore its health by feeding it Rowa Raisins.

How Do I Dismount the Horse in Elden Ring?

Dismounting the Torrent is as simple as summoning it. You can activate the Spectral Steed Whistle from the Quick Items inventory to trigger the dismounting animation. Alternatively, you can press the left stick or the dismount button to quickly jump off the Torrent when enemies are nearby.

Can I Use the Horse During Fights?

Yes, you can use the Torrent during fights in Elden Ring. Riding the Torrent can be beneficial in certain battles, especially against bosses and dragons. The Torrent increases your speed, allowing you to quickly evade attacks and counterattack. However, you must master this maneuver as you will be left vulnerable if the horse dies during the fight.

What Can I Do With the Torrent in the Game?

The Torrent is a versatile companion in Elden Ring. Besides using it for travel, you can also use it to reach inaccessible areas thanks to its double jump ability. Additionally, you can launch melee attacks from horseback. The attack buttons launch attacks on the respective sides. Similarly, you can also cast magic spells and consume flasks from the Quick Items slots while riding the Torrent.


Elden Ring is one of the largest games in its genre, making a horse an essential companion for exploring the vast Lands Between and uncovering its many secrets. FromSoftware Inc. provides this assistance by giving you the Torrent, a magical horse. However, to summon the horse, you’ll need the Spectral Steed Whistle and the Spirit Calling Bell. Once you have these items, you can summon the Torrent by pressing the assigned Quick Items button. This guide has provided all the information you need to know about how to summon the horse in Elden Ring.

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