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Are you ready to guide your Sims through their high school years in The Sims 4? With our comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to help your Sims graduate, win prom royalty, and become popular on social media. We’ve covered you, from sneaking out to promposals and social bunnies. Let’s get started!

How to Sneak Out in Sims 4

Sometimes your Sims need to break the rules and have fun. To sneak out, you must ensure your Sim’s parents are asleep or not at home. Then, click on the front door and select the “Sneak Out” option. Your Sim will exit the house and have a limited amount of time to explore the neighborhood before they need to return home. Be careful not to get caught, or your Sim could face the consequences like grounding or a curfew.

How to Make a Promposal Sign in Sims 4

Prom is a special event in every Sim’s high school experience. To make a promposal sign, your Sim must reach level 4 in the Painting skill. Then, select a canvas and choose the “Paint by Reference” option. Click on the sign template and select “Promposal Sign.” Your Sim can customize the sign with different colors and designs before presenting it to their crush.

How to Win Prom Royalty in Sims 4

Becoming prom royalty is a prestigious honor in high school. To win prom royalty, your Sim must have high charisma and popularity. Make sure your Sim attends prom with a date, then spend the night interacting with other Sims and building relationships. Your Sim can also campaign for votes by interacting with other Sims and asking them to vote for them. If your Sim wins, they’ll receive a crown and a boost in popularity.

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How to Get Followers on Social Bunny in Sims 4

Social Bunny is the social media platform in Sims 4 that allows your Sims to gain followers and become influencers. To get followers on Social Bunny, your Sim must create content like posts, stories, and vlogs. Make sure your Sim has high charisma and social skills to engage with other Sims on the platform. You can also use items like the Selfie Station and the Video Station to create high-quality content and attract more followers.

How to Graduate High School in Sims 4

Graduating high school is the ultimate goal for your Sim. To graduate, your Sim must complete all their high school requirements like attending classes, doing homework, and taking exams. Your Sim can also participate in extracurricular activities like sports and clubs to improve their grades and build skills. Once your Sim has completed all their requirements, they’ll receive a diploma and be ready to move on to the next phase of their lives.


With our Sims 4 High School Years Guide, you can guide your Sims through all the challenges and opportunities of high school. From sneaking out to winning prom royalty and becoming a social media influencer, your Sims will have various experiences to enjoy. Keep these tips in mind as you help your Sims graduate and prepare for their future. Good luck!

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